28 before 28

I love setting goals and creating to-do lists, so I thought creating a list of things I want to do or plan to do before turning 28 next year would be a good idea!  As I shared the other day, this is the first year that my age has really hit me.  Maybe it’s because Neal and I are getting married and we’re starting to talk more about our future, but either way I feel like I’m getting older.

Health and Fitness

1.  Meet with a nutritionist/registered dietitian
2.  Eat more fruits and veggies
3.  Cut back on sweets
4.  Reach 199 pounds!
5.  Create a weight lifting routine
6.  Continue to run after 15K and maintain ability to run 8-10 miles with ease
7.  Become a certified spin instructor


8.  Continue to develop Coffee, Cake and Cardio
9.  Redesign Coffee, Cake and Cardio
10.  Host a giveaway each month on Coffee, Cake, and Cardio

Neal and I

11.  Plan a nice date night once a month with Neal
12.  Downsize my apartment (and encourage Neal to do the same) before we move in together
13.  Move into Neal’s and my first home together!
14.  Plan our wedding and stay under budget
15.  Get married!
16.  Plan out 2012 trip to Australia
17.  Plan our 2013 trip to Europe
18.  Develop a savings plan


19.  Graduate from Kansas State University with my masters degree
20.  Take tap dance classes
21.  Finish my high school scrapbook
22.  Learn how to knit hats
23.  Plan a girls weekend
24.  Recover all of my photos and documents from my old laptop
25.  Save and organize all digital photos in one, safe place
26.  Buy and iPhone
27.  Read 4 non graduate school related books
28.  Pursue coaching discus and shot-put at a local high school

Here’s to another great year!

My Favorite Month: October

October is my favorite month of the year!!  The weather turns cooler, the leaves change colors, football season is well under way, apples are ready for picking, pumpkins are ready to be carved, and my birthday is on the 16!  I love October!

In September I….

September Goals Recap

  • September Mantra “Plate Produce First” — I’d like to say that I lived this one out, but I really didn’t. 
  • Rock the house on my 15K training program! — Neal and I have been doing awesome!!  Only missed 3 trainings all month! 
  • Read The Flexitarian Diet (Dawn is amazing by the way!!) — Sadly I haven’t touched it.  Maybe after this semester.
  • Be productive with graduate work on weekdays in order to enjoy the weekends with Neal and friends. — Yes, I’ve done a really good job with graduate school… though I have a lot to do this weekend! 
  • Have my first giveaway on Coffee Cake and Cardio! — Amish Market Giveaway!!  I loved it!
  • Try one new recipe each week — Week 1 Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich, Week 2 Mexican Turkey Meatloaf, Week 3 Buffalo Chicken Pasta Bake, Week 4 Panzanella Salad with Salmon

October Goals

  • Lose 10 pounds this month as I continue my biggest loser challenge (be down to 214 lbs by November 1)
  • Lift weights 2 times a week
  • Continue to try a new recipe each week
  • Continue our 15k training
  • Enjoy my birthday and the festivities, making wise food choices along the way!
  • Read 1 non school related book (First Family)

What are your October goals?

My September Mantra

Why hello September!  How did you get here so quickly?  This past month was pretty awesome, to be perfectly honest.

In August I…

August Goals

  • Get back into my normal morning routine: Woop Woop!
  • Go to spin class every Tuesday and Thursday:  I went at least once a week…
  • Create a 15 K training program for Neal and I:  Yeppers!  Check it out!
  • Enjoy my three weeks off from graduate school: You know it!
  • Begin integrating weight lifting into my weekly routine: Not really.  I lifted here and there but was not consistent

September Goals

  • September Mantra: “Plate Produce First”!  I want to live out this mantra this month with the goal of eating more fruits and veggies each meal.  I want at least 1/2 of my plate to be filled with fruits or veggies, leaving 1/4 for protein and 1/4 for carbs.
  • Rock the house on my 15K training program!
  • Read The Flexitarian Diet (Dawn is amazing by the way!!)
  • Be productive with graduate work on weekdays in order to enjoy the weekends with Neal and friends.
  • Have my first giveaway on Coffee Cake and Cardio!
  • Try one new recipe each week

What are your goals for September?


5 Hours of Thinking

When I was flying to Las Vegas on Friday, I had 7 hours to do some thinking.  Thinking can be my worst enemy some times, when I over think, but having some time to think of Friday was really beneficial for me.  Thinking is good… but you’ve got to do something with it!

As I move into the next chapter of my life (new job, last year of grad school) I’ve been thinking a lot about my health, my weight, and my weekly routine.  I’m so grateful to have lost 50 pounds back in 06-07 and would really like to work to lose another 20-30 pounds and to take my fitness to another level.

Oh yeah! My head on Fergie's body

This summer I have done a scaleless summer.  A time in which I stay away from the scale, focusing more on how I feel, how my clothes fit, and what my body looks like.  The summer has been really good, but the past two weeks have been a little rough.  Being on vacation in Florida, eating out 7 out of 15 meals last week, and then being in Las Vegas this weekend has left me feeling bloated and sluggish.  I need a detox and I need to return to my healthy living routine!

  1. First things first, I need to figure out a healthy way to detox.  I’ve been thinking about Whole Living’s Healthy Detox. I’m thinking of detoxing the week of August 15-21.
  2. “Detox” my pantry and fridge.  I’ve got a lot processed foods in my kitchen these days.  When I lost the 50 lbs, I hardly ate any processed foods and I felt GREAT!
  3. Start cooking again.  I found some awesome recipes that I’m really wanting to try.  With the cool weather comes the desire to cook!
  4. Take a look at my weekly workout plan and integrate in a set weight lifting plan.
  5. Design a weight lifting plan (look over my powerlifting programs from high school and my weight lifting workouts from college–I’ve got a lot of great workouts to utilize)
  6. Plan Neal’s and my training program for the Hot Chocolate 15K we’re running in December.  I’m also thinking about signing up for the Wicked 10K in Virginia Beach … just need to convince Neal to sign up for it too
  7. Make a list of fall to dos!  Wizard and I have a few fun things on the docket and I want to add a few more.  I love having things to look forward to.  There are also some awesome TV shows I want to watch this fall.  Neal’s DVR is going to be pimpin

The way I’m feeling right now, it would be really easy to get discouraged and to continue digging a hole but it doesn’t have to be that way.  I can be thankful for my vacations and for my last week in my old job and just move on.  Next week is going to be great, as I start my new job and settle back into my apartment.  I’m excited to get back to the gym and to have a fresh start. Life. Is. Good.

What are you thinking about these days?

Goodbye July, Hello August

I love setting monthly goals.  It gives me something to focus on throughout the month and something to look back on when the month is over.  I’m pretty sure I was 5 days into July before I realized it was already July, so I didn’t make any goals for the month of July– sadness.  July was a tad stressful and although I wish I had taken my stress to the gym a bit more often, I know I can learn a lot from last month. Here are some of July’s highlights…

Notepad says "I'm going to accept the job"

  • I interviewed for a new job at the beginning of the month and was offered the position at the end of the month!! Yay!
  • I went on a beautiful vacation to Florida with Neal to celebrate our 2 year anniversary and to visit my Grandpa
  • I continued my scaleless summer
  • I finished 2 more graduate classes for my masters degree!! 4 more classes to go

At the beach in Stuart, FL

August Goals

1.  Get back into my normal morning routine.  I have been a snoozing queen this past month and I’ve got to nip that habit.

2.  Go to spin class every Tuesday and Thursday

3.  Create a 15 K training program for Neal and I

4.  Enjoy my three weeks off from graduate school

5.  Begin integrating weight lifting into my weekly routine (blog about my plan)

August is going to be a hot nice month; a nice balance of time off (visiting my brother in Las Vegas), starting a new job, and beginning the fall semester for grad school.

Great News

I’ve mentioned this a little, after going MIA at the beginning on July, but I interviewed for a job earlier this month and was offered the job last Friday!!  I happily accepted the job and will be back working in college athletics. I am overjoyed and am so excited to move into the next phase of my professional career.

This summer has been wild.  2 graduate classes in 6 weeks, job interviews, freshmen orientations for my current job, and lots of random to dos…. overall though, it has been stressful crazy hectic overwhelming fun.  This week I’ll submit my final projects for my grad classes and have a celebratory dinner planned for Thursday night with the crew (Neal, Wizard, and Nancy).

August is going to be an awesome month and I’m really looking forward to a few things:

  1. Visiting my brother in Las Vegas
  2. Ending my current job
  3. Starting my new job
  4. Having 3 weeks off from Graduate School
  5. Creating a training program for the Will Run For Chocolate 15K Neal and I are running in December
  6. Going to Iowa for FryFest, Neal’s book signing, and opening game
  7. Continuing my Scaleless Summer 

July has been amazing in the end and I’m really looking to some down time in August!!

How has your month been? 

Getting Back…

I’ve been in Texas since last Wednesday and I’m excited to return home.  Being on vacation is always nice, but there’s something to be said about having a routine.  My routine over the past month has looked something like this…


  • Wake up between 5:30AM and 6AM depending on the day
  • Grab a small bowl of cereal
  • Head off to the metro to commute to the gym
  • Take either the 7AM spin class or workout on one of the machines/lift weights
  • Work from 9-5
  • Commute home
  • Hang out with friends, BF or chill at home
  • Go to bed around 10:30PM

As I move into the summer months, my routine is really going to need to be sharpened up.  I am taking 2 graduate classes this summer which will require a lot of focus and dedication.  Though my routine will stay the same for the most part, I really have to utilize my time after work.  Here is what my new routine should look like…


  • Wake up between 5:30AM and 6AM depending on the day
  • Grab something other than cereal (I need some pre-workout ideas)
  • Head off to the metro to commute to the gym
  • Read articles/chapters while on the metro
  • Take spin on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and machines/weights on Monday and Friday mornings
  • Work 9-5
  • Commute home: read while I’m on the metro
  • Do homework/papers for the week… balance things out so that I can spend time with my friends and BF
  • Go to bed around 10:30PM

It’s going to be a busy summer, but I know that if I kick my laziness out the door that I’ll do great!

What helps you to stick to your routine/daily plan?