Darn You Tootsie Roll Pop!

What is the worst possible thing that could happen when you’re babysitting?  Ok… FAR worse things could happen but tonight was pretty bad!  The kiddos were great, aside from telling me 1 hour past their bedtime that they had to shower tonight or their Mom would kill them. So if the kiddos were great, you’re probably asking what went wrong…

Well tonight I asked the Mom if I could do some laundry while I as over.  I’ve done my laundry there many times, so I didn’t think this time would be any different.  I threw my laundry in the wash, threw in some soap, and headed back upstairs to chill with the kids.  45 minutes later I headed downstairs to move my laundry to the dryer and what do I see???

water everywhere!!

The large sink that the washing machine drains into was completely clogged and water had spilled all over the floor and into the finished basement.  The carpet was SOAKED!!

So I do what any person would do, I stick my hand in the clogged sink to see if there’s anything in there… and what do I find??  A TOOTSIE ROLL POP WRAPPER.  The gosh darn wrapper got stuck in the drain and clogged the entire sink!!  There had to of been 1-2 full loads of water on the basement floor.

I of course flipped my lid.  What was I going to do?  What had I done?  I was now sweating profusely, thinking of how much money it is going to cost them to replace the carpet.  I didn’t know whether to call the parents or to wait until I got home, so I called the Boyfriend.  He calmed me down and we decided it’d be best for me to text the Mom that there was “no emergency” but to call when  she was able.

After that I headed downstairs to soak up some water.  I looked for towels but then I saw the holy grail…. SHAMWOWS!! Oh yeah, that’s right, they had shamwow pads in their house!!  It soaked up a ton of water and helped a little bit.

In the end, it all worked out.  The parents came home (never saw my text) and were totally cool about it.  They said it happens all the time.  I hope I didn’t cause too much damage.  Darn you tootsie roll pop wrapper. WHAT. A. NIGHT!!

Did anything horrible ever happen to you’ve when you babysat?  or when you’ve had a babysitter?

Sushi Serenity

It has been a pretty hectic week in my neck of the woods, so an evening out with friends was just what the doctor ordered!!

BF, Nancy, Wizard, Rosco, and Me

Momo Sushi Restaurant is probably the best sushi place I’ve never been to and it’s right here in Old Town Alexandria.

The fish is incredibly fresh and the rolls are traditional, yet unique.  My favorite roll to date is the Hawaiian roll… I mean come on, have you ever had sushi with pineapple in it??  It’s amazing.

Ice Cold Beer!

His Kiddie Chopsticks 🙂 He's Learning

Diggin' In

Coming into tonight, I didn’t think that my BF cared all that much for sushi but boy was I wrong.  He of course favored the tempura rolls but they looked and tasted great!  I was also incredibly proud of him for trying edamame.

Not Too Sure About It....

Yummy— He Said It Didn’t Taste Like Anything Though

I also adored having the company of Rosco, Wizard, and Nancy (their pet names).  I have some incredible great friends here in DC and I’m saddened by the thought of any of us moving some day.  I wish I could freeze time… but that just isn’t reality is it?

The BF, Me, Nancy, Wizard, and Rosco

Life has been pretty busy these days.  As I’ve mentioned, I’m in 2 graduate classes this summer.  Although they are going extremely well, it’s NON STOP!  I just want a day off.  I’m starting to feel like a 2 year old who hasn’t gotten enough sleep.  As my BF says though, one step at a time… one day at a time.  And he’s right!

Enjoying a Homemade Watermelon Slushie on my Balcony

In other news,  I just made hotel reservations for my BF and my 2 year anniversary trip to the Florida Keys.  Oh man, I CAN NOT WAIT!!!  We need a relaxing vacation more than you know.  We’re also visiting my Grandpa and my Aunt while we’re in Florida and I’m really looking forward to spending some quality time with them.  It’s going to be a wonderful vacation.

Tomorrow looks to be another busy day, but I’m looking forward to babysitting after work.  I love watching these kiddos!  Happy Thursday!

Any sushi fans out there?  What’s your favorite roll?

Saving Money

Living in Washington, DC may be a lot of fun, but it’s also really expensive.  I’m grateful to have a fantastic full time job, but unfortunately I don’t make the big bucks like those working for the federal government.  With the cost of living being as high as it is here, I far too often live month to month…. so what’s a single gal to do?


While living month to month is never comfortable, the reality is, I do have expendable income and just need to do a better job of saving.    So here are some of my ideas…

Idea #1- Create a Budget

Though this may seem like an obvious step, creating a budget should always be step 1.  You first need to have an understanding of the money you have coming in, where it has been going, and where you want it to go.  Websites like MINT can help you by analyzing your account and by providing tools to make budgeting easier.

Here are a few of my weaknesses:

  • Target– This month I have spent $105 but spent $183 in May.
  • Groceries– This month I have spent $241 (including Costco).
  • Groupon/Living Social– This month I have spent $110

Idea #2 – Part Time Job

  • Work at my gym:  The benefits of working at a gym include the long business hours, as I’d be able to go into work early or work late at night.  I would also be able to workout before or after my shift .
  • Work at Starbucks:  Again, long business hours and HELLO… Coffee!
  • Favorite retail stores:  Now although I’d LOVE a job in retail, it’s probably a really bad idea.  I’d end up spending too much on clothes.

As graduate student and full time employee, getting a part time job at this point in my life is almost not an option.  Though I’d love to make a little extra money each month to add to my savings, I feel that my free time is more valuable than the extra cash a part time job would bring in.

Idea #3 – Babysitting

I am grateful to be able to babysit for some amazing families here in DC.  The downside is that I never know when they will need me.  Babysitting is a great way to make a little extra money and to help families with little children.  Married couples need date nights too, so I feel like I’m helping a great cause!

Idea # 4- Sell Things Online

  • Half.com: Great place to sell new/used books, vhs tapes, dvds, and games.
  • ebay.com: I find it a bit more challenging as you may have to ship larger items, but it’s still a great site.
  • craigslist.com:  Awesome site, just make sure you have a friend with you if you meet up to sell an item.

Though this doesn’t bring in a constant flow of money, it is a great way to make $10-$100 depending on the month and what you’re willing to part with.
Do you have any tips for saving money?  Do you have any spending weaknesses?

A Wicked Weekend

I had a wonderfully wicked weekend!

Saturday started off with a number of errands but after an afternoon of homework my BF and I headed into the city.  I love Washington, DC but one thing I do not love is the Metro Transit System on weekends.  Due to lower ridership it’s a great time to do maintenance, but for those who do use the train, it boils down to long waits, packed cars, and LOTS of tourists.

Tourists (teenagers) on the metro

After a fairly long trip into Union Station, I was delighted to see all of the beautiful cupcakes at Crumbs Bakery when we first entered the station.

How rockin’ do these cupcakes look?  I’ve heard they aren’t the greatest in DC (my vote is for Baked and Wired) but they look awesome!!

We then met up with my cousin in the Union Station food court.  She had a fairly tight itinerary, but it was so good to see her.  Not that it was funny, but she shared about the difficulties she’s faced with her in-laws and sister-in-law.  Of course I hated to hear about what she has gone through but I think it was good for my BF and I to hear.

My BF was learning how to take self portraits. He did great!

After visiting with my cousin, we got back on the red line and headed to Clarendon.  Of course, we had a LONG wait!

Disappointed by the train delay (not really, we were just having fun)

In Clarendon we grabbed a beer at Witlows on Wilson where I had my first Shandy.  Shandy is a beer and lemonade combination and it rocked!! I really, really enjoyed it!  For dinner we used our Groupon to Pete’s New Haven Style Pizza and had a grand ole time!  Clarendon is a cute little spot in Arlington.

Sunday morning we helped Rosco move out of his apartment and then it was back to the books for me.  I have a big project due tonight, so I had to get as much of it done as possible before my BF and I headed out to see Wicked! By 4PM I was finally starting to get hungry and had had just about enough of my school work.  It was time to get dolled up and head out with my beau.

My boyfriend and I enjoy getting dressed up but we don’t do it all that often.  Our idea of a fun night is either a baseball game, weeding through our DVR, watching sports on TV, grabbing a quick bite out, or making turkey burgers in.  We’re pretty chill but we do clean up pretty well!

Before heading to the Kennedy Center we stopped by one of our favorite restaurants, Dogfish Head Alehouse, to grab some dinner.  My BF LOVES their Steak Bomb Sandwich and though I almost always get their Salmon Sandwich I opted for the Alehouse Mac and Cheese.

It was super yummy, with red peppers, sun dried tomatoes, and summer squash.  You could definitely taste the pepperjack cheese!

We kinda had to rush through dinner but it was amazing and I have to say, the company was pretty awesome 😉

The Kennedy Center is such a beautiful venue.  Whether or not you go to see a show, you should definitely visit it when you’re in town.  The architecture is amazing and the history is pretty astounding.  I’ve seen 3 performances at the Kennedy Center and each time I am wowed.

We arrived about 20 minutes before the start of the show, which was perfect.

We snapped a few photos and then headed to our seats.

The photo I got yelled at for taking... oops!

Wicked is an absolutely amazing show. This is the second time I’ve seen it and it’s really good.  My BF enjoyed it as well, which is great considering he just saw the Wizard of Oz for the first time on Friday!!  Earlier this morning my boyfriend wrote me and said “Why do I have that darn “Popular” song stuck in my head?  :-P”, so I know he enjoyed the show!

We had a wonderful weekend, and although I have a lot of school work to get done today and this week, I’m really looking forward to the 4th of July weekend.  I really need to make it out to the pool soon as well!  Nothing says summer like being by the pool side.

Weekly Plan: June 27 – July 3

Workout Plan

Monday- Elliptical and weights before work (oops… have to go after work today)

Tuesday- Spin @ 7AM before work

Wednesday- Off

Thursday- Spin @ 7AM before work

Friday- Elliptical and weights before work

Saturday- Off

Sunday- Run with BF

Meal Plan






1 bowl of toasted oat squares and ½ cup blueberries

Watermelon, 1 peach, Justin’s Peanut Butter, Saltine Crackers

Dinner at Faccia Luna with Bible Study Group


mango strawberry protein smoothie

2 hard boiled eggs


Turkey Burger at Chef Boyfriendo’s


1 bowl of toasted oat squares and ½ cup blueberries

Salad (haven’t decided what yet)

Pasta with meat sauce


1 bowl of toasted oat squares

2 hard boiled eggs, peach

leftover pasta with meat sauce

Sushi at Momo


mango pineapple strawberry protein smoothie

2 hard boiled eggs


leftover Pasta with meat sauce

Week’s Events

This week should be pretty mellow.  I want to focus this week on getting back into a routine and cranking out some graduate work.  I’m kinda looking forward to a mellow week!

What’s your ideal fun night/date night?  Going out?  Staying in? 

Workout Wagon

I’ve fallen off the workout wagon and I’ve got to get back on!  Two weeks ago I was just a hot mess with my sleep schedule.  I stayed up late most nights, which I blame on homework, events, and insomnia and had a really tough time getting out of bed in the morning.  It was just an odd week and then I got a stomach bug!

This past week, I was still fighting my stomach bug and made it up in my mind that a little extra sleep was better than getting up at 5AM to go to the gym.  I’ve really enjoyed working out in the morning verses after work, but when you’re fighting something, getting up early to burn calories sounds like just about the worst thing!

Well this week, I need to get back on the Workout Wagon!  Two weeks is PLENTY of time to fight the bug and recover.  It’s tough getting back on the wagon though.  I need to rework my sleep schedule, get back to packing my bags the night before, and getting up before the sun comes up.

Once I’m back on the wagon though, I’ll feel great! I also have some big stuff coming up at work this week, so it’s a great time to get back in the gym and to have some “me time” to de-stress.  It’ll be great!

Monday- Elliptical and weights before work

Tuesday- Spin @ 7AM before work

Wednesday- Off

Thursday- Spin @ 7AM before work

Friday- Elliptical and weights before work

On a side note, I also haven’t had much of an appetite these past two weeks.  Even after getting over the bug, I’m just not craving anything.  It’s actually really odd.  Today I’ve had a bowl of cereal, lots of water, blueberries, and a tortilla.  Not all that nutritious but I’m just not hungry.  Not exactly how I wanted to go about losing weight this summer, but hopefully I can just focus on what I’m eating and how much I’m eating and I’ll be headed down the right path!

What helps you to get back on the Workout Wagon?

Dreaming of Peaches

Although I got 9 hours of sleep last night it wasn’t all that solid.  I shouldn’t complain though, I got to sleep in until 7:30AM which was fantastic!  Sometimes my brain is just overloaded, which keeps me up at night.  Graduate school, work, and future planning…. lots to think about.

Anywho, after a quick bowl of cereal I picked up my boyfriend and headed off to the Old Town Alexandria farmer’s market.

The farmers market was PACKED today but with such beautiful produce available, I understand why.

My BF was pretty excited too.  I took him to a farmers market a few weeks ago, but it was about an 1/8 the size of today’s market.  He was of course drawn to all of the pastry tables, but we bought some really awesome peaches today.  I love white peaches where as he liked the regular peaches (a bit too tart for me).  There is nothing better than farm fresh peaches in the middle of the summer.

After the farmers market we headed to GAP and then to Costco to pick up a few things.

Costco is like Disney World to my boyfriend.  I wish there were food samples in women’s clothing stores… I know for a fact more men would shop with their women if that was the case.  By the end of our excursion, we were pooped.

Nothing a little smoothie can’t fix!!

Fresh blueberries from the farmers market, Fage Greek yogurt from Costco and some mixed frozen fruit… YUMMY!  The mixed fruit included pineapple, strawberries, mango, and peaches.  It was a really refreshing smoothie.  It re-energized me just in time to do something I truly hate….. shaving.  I don’t know what it is but I hate shaving my legs.  I don’t know how some women shave every day.  It’s just something I despise and thankfully I have blonde leg hair and it grows back really slow, so I can get away with only shaving once every two weeks.

Tonight my BF and I are meeting my cousin at Union Station.  She’s in town for a teaching conference and I’m really looking forward to seeing her.  She just got married a few weeks ago, so I can’t wait to hear all about it!

We’re then heading out to dinner with Wizard, Rosco, Kristy, and Travis.  We’re using our Groupons for Pete’s New Haven Style Pizza and grabbing some beers.  Just what the doctor ordered.

What is something you hate to do?  Any particular chore? 

Everybody’s Working For The Weekend!

Happy Friday!! Who’s ready for the weekend?

Today has been great so far and I must attribute it to my evening last night.  After work I took a grad school quiz and finished up my course work for the week.  Woop Woop!  One class’ work done for the week, one class to go.  I then headed to Chinatown to meet my boyfriend for a sneak preview of Horrible Bosses.  I knew I wouldn’t make it through the movie without some dinner, so I first headed to Potbelly’s to grab a sub for my BF and I to split.  Although I love the “wreck” sandwich, I opted for the ham and provolone sub. I’m also working really hard to see a great number on the scale come September 22.

I then made my way over to Chinatown.  Since I was a tad early, I ran into Ann Taylor Loft and then into Urban Outfitters.  Sadly, the Loft didn’t have much to offer and that particular store seems to only cater to women sizes XS-M.  As a L-XL, I clearly wasn’t going to be buying anything.  I then headed over to Urban Outfitters and there in front of me was a WALL OF TOM’S SHOES.  I was in heaven.  I have been wanting a pair of toms for some time now.  I really struggled with what color to buy, but I opted for the cream canvas.  I love my new shoes.

I then met up with my BF and we headed over to the movie theater.  Now, we LOVE Jason Bateman (Arrested Development anyone?) so we were really excited to see Horrible Bosses.

It was a really funny movie and I’d give it 8/10 stars.  It’s definitely rated ‘R’, but it was a hoot.  I’m sure they had a blast making the movie and Jennifer Aniston was beautiful as always (loved her makeup throughout the film).

After the movie, we headed over to FroZenYo for some yummy frozen yogurt.  We just LOVE this place.  I went strait for the peanut butter and cookies and cream flavors where as my BF went for cheesecake, blueberry, and devils food.

We had a fantastic time and had a great time chatting in our window seat.  It was a wonderful evening, both spontaneous and energizing.

Today I struggled to get out of bed, but once I did (6:10AMish) I was super peppy.  I had a cup of coffee, got ready for work, checked a few e-mails, and then headed out the door.  When I got out of the metro, Starbucks sounded like a good idea.  I didn’t know what I wanted though.  Hot coffee?  Nah, it’s good hot.  Iced coffee?  Nah, it’s never enough coffee (too much ice).  What about a Frappuccino?  Yes!! That’ll hit the spot.  I ordered a grande caramel light frappuccino with an extra shot of espresso and it was FANtastic!

We’re in our second summer orientation today at work, so it’s going to be a really busy day.  I’m definitely looking forward to this evening and watching the Wizard of Oz with my BF.  He’s never seen it and as we’re going to see Wicked this weekend, I figured it was time for him to see the film it was based upon.  I am also looking forward to some SLEEEEEEP!! I really need a good night’s sleep tonight!  I’ve just been tossing and turning this week, getting over the end of my bug.  It really looks to be a great weekend though… I can’t wait!

Oh man, totally forgot to mention… Bath and Body Works semi annual sale is going on right now!!!  $2 handsoap, woop woop!

What are you up to this weekend?  Anything fun going on around the Country? Globe?