Wedding Venues 2 and 3

It has been 2 weeks since Neal and I got engaged and man have I learned a lot!  It’s almost like people develop a split personality when someone in their life is getting married– a “wedding personality” if you will.

Symptoms of “Wedding Personality”

(note: this is meant to be funny but true)

Negative Side Effects

  1. Desire to organize and plan wedding as if it is your own
  2. Desire to make sure the wedding is everything yours was not
  3. Urge to tell the bride how you are going to impact the wedding without asking if your help is needed
  4. Urge to analyze the bride and groom’s choices
  5. Unexplained questioning of the bride and groom’s wedding planning timeline

Positive Side Effects

  1. Willingness to help the bride and the groom with whatever they need
  2. Desire to help take any stress off of the bride and the groom
  3. Desire to make this the happiest day for the bride and the groom
  4. Unexplainable tears of joy

The truth is, people are just so excited.  I completely understand where their excitement stems from and I’m learning to just take everything with a grain of salt.  We’re loving where our planning is going and hope to finalize a venue next weekend…

This past Friday, Neal and I headed out to Maryland to see our favorite reception venue before work.  The moment we drove onto the property, I fell in love!

Next to the barn is the old farm house, which holds the bridal suite.  I’m also considering this as the wedding site, using the path as the isle and having chairs on either side facing the house.  It’s an amazing venue and Neal and I both fell in love!

On Saturday morning we headed to venue number 3, which has a stained glass hall for the reception.

This is an amazing venue, but because it is all inclusive, it might be a bit too pricey… we shall see!

Overall, we’re having an amazing time planning our wedding.  There are so many idea floating through my head, but I know it’ll all work out in the end.  Today Neal and I are running 8 miles, our longest run to date!  We’re looking forward to having a good run and crossing this one off our list.  This after we’re watching the Redskins game and then going to dinner at the Melting Pot with Liz and Matt.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!


Not Just Any Old Columbus Day: I’m Engaged!!

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with Columbus Day!  On one hand, I hate that I have to work each year while the Government is closed.  On the other hand, no one is on the metro!  It’s a day I love to hate.

Empty Metro Parking Lot

Today started out with an awesome 30 minute run with Neal.  We did a small hill loop 3 times and got an awesome workout in.  I showered and then made an awesome breakfast…

English muffin topped with 1 egg, 1 slice of turkey bacon, shredded cheese, and a slice of tomato.  It was awesome.  With a big huge cup of tea to go along with my breakfast sandwich, I was ready to take on Columbus Day!

This is the coffee mug I painted at a paint your own pottery place a month or so ago btw, I LOVE paint your own pottery. Highly recommend it if you haven't been before.

After work, I met Neal at the metro.  Neal planned a date night for the first night of “birthday week” and we decided Monday night was the ideal night for us both.  Although I wasn’t all that excited to go downtown to see the new MLK memorial, I knew Neal would love it.  The plan was to go down to see the monument and then head over to Bobby’s Burger Palace for dinner.

DC is such an amazing city and I’m reminded of that every time I go downtown.

Neal and I headed down to the tidal basin and headed towards the new MLK memorial.

As we got closer to the MLK memorial, Neal and I headed down a path that was closer to the water.  It was such a beautiful night and I was loving being outside with my amazing boyfriend.

Since last week, Neal has been talking about “Birthday Week” and his plan to give me a gift each day, starting with small gifts and building up to a large gift.  While we were walking, Neal began explaining to me that he may have lied, “You know how I said I was going to start with small gift and end with a large gift? Well yeah, I lied”.  It was then that I knew, Neal was totally going to propose.

Neal pulled me in close and told me how much he loves me.  Of course a crowd of people walked by just then, but after they passed and I stopped saying ” OMG, are you serious?  No way”, Neal got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

Our Only Witnesses

I surprisingly didn’t cry but I think it’s because I was in shock (and still am)!

Check out my nasty hair and manicure ... clearly I had no idea he was going to propose.

The ring is gorgeous!!  I am so incredibly grateful and am truly engaged to the man of my dreams.  Neal loves me for who I am and who I dream to be.  He supports my goals and balances me out so well.

After a few minutes of OMG’s, Neal and I found a bench and started to call our family and friends.

We’re kinda excited!

As the sun started to set, we headed over to the MLK memorial…

Took a few photos…

And headed off to dinner.  Now Neal said Bobby’s Burger Palace was just a decoy and that I could choose anywhere for dinner… but burgers are so Neal and I.  I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Bobby’s Burger Palace was just OK.  It wasn’t the “most amazing burger I’ve ever had” but it was pretty good.  In all honesty, I was just overjoyed to be engaged to Neal!

As of this morning, Columbus Day was just another holiday but now, Columbus Day (10.10.11) is the day the love of my life asked me to be his wife.  I am so excited and can’t wait to marry this man!

Wedding Day

As I sit here, watching the royal wedding, I can not wait to be married.  The thought of walking down the aisle towards the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, just makes me so incredibly happy.  Katherine looks breathtaking today (in the type of wedding dress I adore btw) and must be overjoyed to finally marry William.  Last night I had a wonderful talk with my BF about some of our hopes and dreams, and I just love to support him.  He is a true rock in my life and I would do anything to support his dreams and to be a part of them. I get so excited when I think of where we will go and the things we will do.  I really not not wait to be married but first things first, I can not wait to get engaged, to plan a wedding, and to plan our next step.  Until then, I want to stay focused and accomplish the goals I have for this year; losing weight, getting in shape, finishing graduate school, and finding clarity spiritually. I am so excited for my future and more importantly, the future of my BF and our relationship!