Vegas Recap

Las Vegas loves em’ some locals just as much as they love tourists!

This weekend was perfect.  Late night runs to Walmart, frozen yogurt, plenty of rest, blogging, a little home cooking for my brother, The Change Up, a little gambling, laying out pool side, In-N-Out Burger, and lots of laughs!

On our way to see The Change Up (please ignore my poofy hair)

Saturday and Sunday were a lot of fun but we didn’t end up going down to the strip.  I know, who goes to Vegas and doesn’t go down to the strip?  To me, spending time with my brother was perfect and I know I’ll be back in Vegas some time soon!

A glorious In-N-Out Burger!!!

Next time I’m totally bringing Neal and I think a night or two on the strip would be a lot of fun.  For now though, a weekend in Las Vegas with the locals is just what I needed.

The beautiful mountains in Las Vegas (and my brother's dream car)

Now it’s back to DC to prep for my first week in my new job.  I’m also looking forward to getting back to the gym and eating some healthy food.  Exercising and vegetables were not a part of my life the past three days, so I’m really looking forward to reuniting with them 😉

My super sweaty back after a spin class a few weeks ago

Oh how I need some spin in my life 😉

After being on vacation, what do you most look forward to as you return home?

Change Up: Las Vegas Style

Today’s my second day in Las Vegas.  Woop Woop!

Paul and I were going to go out last night, but I was knocked out on the couch by 11PM (2AM DC time).  Paul has been super chill with me, so we just decided to go out today instead.  I adore my family and am just so happy and content hanging out with my brother!  I’m really grateful to be here.

Paul and I when we were kids. I decided to cut my bangs and Paul decided to cover his face in Vaseline. Classic!!

This morning I thought I’d play big sister and grab a few things at Walmart for my brother.  While I was there I saw Rice Krispy Treats cereal… Neal’s FAVORITE!!

Paul was SUPER jealous, so be bribed me for a box.  I gave in.

I then came home and made Paul burgers, baked beans, and tator tots.  His first home cooked meal in almost 3 months.  Now we’re off to watch the Change Up!! Tonight, it’s time to go down to the strip… I CAN NOT WAIT!!

What are you doing this Sunday?

Florida Keys: Day 2

Day 2 in the keys… Love!  On Thursday of last week, Neal and I headed down to Key West for a little day trip.  Key west was about 2 hours away from where we were staying, so we packed out swimsuits and some munchies and hit the road.

The drive down to Key West was absolutely beautiful!  The traffic wasn’t all that bad, but the 1 lane roads were definitely getting to me.  God love slow drivers, I’m dating one, but an hour behind one stinks!

Once in Key West we found parking and then made our way to Duval Street.  Neal is a published author of two books, Hawkeye Greats By The Numbers and What It Means to Be a Hawkeye, and had a phone interview with a columnist for the Cedar Rapids Gazette a little after we arrived in Key West.  We found this super cute restaurant, found a table, and Neal started his phone interview.  I’m incredibly proud of him and loved reading the article last night.

While Neal was on his interview I ordered us some ROCKIN’ french toast.  It was called “Bananas Foster French Toast” and let me tell you, it was amazing!!

After the interview we started making our way down Duval Street towards the southern most point.  There were lots of cute shops, but even more strip bars and XXX stores…. not all that appealing.  Key West was an interesting town to say the least.  All I’ll say is “been there, done that”. It did have one extremely positive attribute…. KEY LIME PIE!!  (check out tomorrow’s post “Key Lime Pie Throwdown”)

We finally made our way down to the southern most point, being only 90 miles from Cuba.

We also dipped our toes into the ocean (totally left our bathing suits in the car 😦 )

please note that the shoes Neal is holding are what's in focus... we're working on his multitasking skills 🙂

We had a great time in Key West and are really glad we took the drive down there.  Like I said, the key lime pie alone was worth the drive!!

Stay tune for more vacation updates.

Florida Keys: Day 1

Neal and I have been in Florida since Wednesday.  Wednesday morning we made our way to the airport; settled in and grabbed some Dunkin’ Donuts.

Ok, not the healthiest start to the vacation but sometimes a girl just needs a chocolate cake donut.

Our flight was delayed a good hour and a half or so but we got into West Palm Beach safely and began our drive down to the keys.  Now I’m not sure  the last time you rented a car, but paying 12 extra dollars a day to have two drivers just isn’t worth it… so I volunteered to be the only driver.  I really enjoy driving, but driving down Rt. 1 in Miami was just about pure torture.  Stop light after stop light… It took forever to get out of Miami.

By 4PM we were pretty hungry, so we searched trip advisor on Neal’s android and found this awesome Mexican restaurant in Homestead, FL called Taqueria Morelia.

Neal opted for the chorizo burrito where as I had the carne asada burrito… just what I needed, IRON!!

Once in the keys, we drove around a bit and took a few photos on the beach.  It was absolutely breathtaking!

I’m so happy to be here, right now!  Things have been pretty stressful these past few weeks.  With graduate school coming to a close for the summer and things being up in the air with my job search, I’ve been living in a stressful limbo.  Being able to go on vacation has been really beneficial and I’m really grateful for this time away and to be with Neal.

After settling into our super cute hotel, Neal and I headed out to find some Key Lime Pie.  We found the Conch House which was recently featured on Man vs. Food!!  We ordered the famous conch fritters and 2 pieces of key lime pie to go.

I was pretty happy and was looking forward to changing Neal’s opinion of Key Lime Pie!!

So you might be wondering, “what could possibly make this day any better?”.  A killer sunset!  You guessed it!

The mosquitoes were pretty bad, but this sunset was well worth it!

I also loved the adirondack chairs.  It’s the little things in life I tell ya.

Overall, day 1 was fantastic!!  Wednesday was a long day, but there’s nothing better than going on vacation and settling in.  Check out the day 2 recap soon… a day trip down to Key West!

Hey Hey Vaycay

I’m on VACATION!!!

I have seriously been waiting all summer to say that.  I can not even begin to explain how excited I am to be on vacation.  This summer has been pretty nice, but it has been non stop.  Taking 2 summer classes was a tad crazy, on top of working full time, but I am ONE WEEK away from turning in my final projects and being 2 classes closer to finishing my master’s degree.

This vacation is more than a vacation… it is also my BF’s and my 2 year anniversary.  I can not believe we have been dating for 2 years.  Our relationship seriously gets better and better each year and I’m so exited to start year three.

Celebrating our 1 year anniversary in Philadelphia last year

We’re also going to spend some time with my Grandpa and my Aunt while we’re in Florida, so it’ll be a nice mix of relaxing in the Florida Keys with my sweetie and spending time with family.

On this vacation, I vow to….

1.  NOT check my work e-mail

2.  Lay out on the beach as much as possible, thus becoming a tan goddess

3.  Eat in moderation and enjoy a piece of key lime pie

4.  Pick my Grandpa’s brain about our heritage and family history

5.  Take lots and lots of pictures

Happy hump day everyone!! Enjoy your Wednesday wherever you are!