A Proud Hawkeye!

It’s the weekend!! And not just any weekend, it’s a 3 day weekend!!

Yesterday was a really big day for Neal!  As a published author, he had a book signing at Fry Fest in Iowa City for his new book “What It Means To Be a Hawkeye“.

Before the book signing, Neal was able to show me around the University of Iowa.  It was so fun seeing where he went to school and the dorm he lived in while he was there.

We even saw Neal’s books in a number of Iowa bookstores, which was really cool!

Neal was so happy and I totally felt like a proud girlfriend!!  Speaking of being a girlfriend… guess what Neal bought me??

Yeah right!  I wish!  We both got a good laugh out of it though.

After walking around the university for a bit, we stopped at Jimmy Johns for lunch.  We have a Jimmy Johns in Washington, DC but Neal and I had never been so we thought we’d give it a try.  I 0rdered the turkey sandwich on their 7 grain bread.  It was a really tasty sandwich and very, very filling!

Once at Fry Fest we walked around for a bit and checked out all the venders and their booths.  There were soooo many t-shirt stands and lots memorabilia.  It screamed Hawkeye pride!

Is it sad that I really wished I had children already that way I could buy this table and chairs set?  These were SO adorable.  There were so many children there, dressed up in their Iowa attire.  It was incredibly cute.

Neal’s book signing was wonderful and it was so fun seeing him with the other authors and players.  I also stepped in to help organize things a bit.  They needed a woman’s touch to help things run smoothly.

After the book signing we headed back to his parents house and relaxed for a bit…. but it wasn’t before long that we headed out to the Dari Barn!!

This is seriously one of the best ice cream places I’ve been to and they are only open between memorial day and labor day.

It was a wonderful day and it’s hard to believe that we haven’t even been to the Iowa football game yet!  The game is at 11AM CST today and we’re both really looking forward to them playing Tennessee Tech!

I’m also really looking forward to Sunday as Neal and I are going on a 3 mile run around town as part of our 15K training!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!