Weekly Plan: June 20-26

A Sunday Recap

Last week was rather crazy!  Started the week off being sleep deprived, had a few odd mornings midway through the week, and then ended the week with a stomach bug.  Not fun at all!  One of the benefits of being sick though is that I am WELL rested and have had plenty of time to think!  I felt great on Sunday and worked hard to prep for the week ahead.  But what’s hard work without a bit of play incorporated in, right?

Studying for Career Development

Ok, maybe this isn’t all that fun but my breakfast from Mancini’s Cafe Sunday morning was rockin’!  I had the Greek Omelet made with egg whites, home fries, and an English muffin.

After running a few errands I came home and did an overhaul on my apartment.  It’s always good to clean the whole apartment after you’ve been sick .  It also starts your week off with a clean home.

To Do

  • Clean bathroom (shower, sink, toilet, mop floor) – Check
  • Clean kitchen (stove, counters, mop floor) – Check
  • Dust – Check
  • Vacuum entire apartment – Check
  • Hang laundry – Check

I love the way carpet looks after it's been vacuumed

I conclude the weekend with a lot of reading and homework but I finished another week of summer school!!  I’m excited to only have 5 weeks left.  After a wonderful chat with my BF, I packed for the gym and my Monday!

 This Week

Workout Plan

Monday- Elliptical, weights, and abs before work

Tuesday- Spin @ 7AM

Wednesday- Off

Thursday- Spin @ 7AM

Friday- Off

Saturday- “Hard Core Conditioning” (didn’t get to take it last week)

Sunday- Run with BF

Meal Plan

Pre-Workout Post- Workout Lunch Dinner
Monday: Meatless Monday

strawberry banana protein smoothie

Greek yogurt with granola, agave nectar, and a side of watermelon

Whole wheat pasta with Parmesan cheese, broccoli, carrots

TJ’s Asian Vegetable Stir Fry and 1 mini cone


berry protein smoothie

2 hard boiled eggs and a side of watermelon


Chipotle chicken taco salad and 1 mini cone


Scrambled eggs at home

 Chipotle chicken taco salad, watermelon

Turkey burgers at Casa de Boyfriendo


mango strawberry protein smoothie

2 hard boiled eggs with a side of watermelon

Chipotle chicken taco salad, watermelon

Dinner with friends


greek yogurt with granola, agave nectar, and a side of watermelon


Mystery Evening

This week is interesting as I am beginning Freshmen Orientations at work.  For the next 5 weeks, I will be conducting orientation for incoming freshmen Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  On Tuesday and Friday, we are provided lunch through the campus dining hall.  The dining hall is awesome but it can be trouble!  In all honesty, I feel like a kid in a candy store… pizza, tator tots, hummus, tuna salad, and ice cream oh my!  My goal this summer is to load 1/2 of my plate with veggies and to choose my entree wisely.  There are lots of awesome options and I look forward to sharing my choices with everyone each week.

Week’s Events

I’m really excited for my BF to return home this week and to be able to spend some time with him.  Thursday night we’re going to a dinner party with some friends and then Sunday we’re going to see Wicked!! I can not wait to watch Wicked with my BF!  I saw Wicked a few years ago with my Mom and sister and just loved it.  My BF first needs to watch the Wizard of Oz… but we’ll squeeze that in some time this week.  School work is also picking up big time, so hopefully I can be on my “A” game this week, so as not to fall behind.

Have you seen Wicked?  What’s your favorite Broadway Play?

-My favorite play is Fiddler on the Roof