A Spinful Morning

In an effort to wake up the first time my alarm clock goes off, I have moved my alarm clock to the other side of the room.  So far, so good but every morning I wake up in a panic as I can’t figure out where my alarm is.  A few seconds later I remember moving it to the other side of the room, which causes me to jolt out of bed to turn off the heinous noise.

This morning was no different but at least I didn’t crawl back into bed!  I went to bed at 12:30AM last night so the 5:30AM wake up call was a little rough this morning.  The 5 hours of sleep were well worth it though as I was able to spend time with Neal, make a yummy dinner, do all of my laundry, clean up the apartment, write a blog about my crazy commute, and watch an episode of Friends!

Neal came over after work and we began cooking pizza!  If you haven’t tried the Trader Joe’s raw dough yet, it is SO worth it!  I know I could make my own dough, but for less than a $1, why not just buy it pre-made?

While I rolled out the dough, Neal started cutting up the Sweet Italian Style chicken sausage we also bought at Trader Joe’s.  The next step was to season the dough with some William-Sonoma Pizza Seasoning.

I then topped the seasoned dough with pizza sauce.  I usually like to use spaghetti sauce, as it has more flavor, but I thought I’d give the Trader Joe’s sauce a try.

The next step was to sprinkle an absurd amount of cheese  onto the pizza sauce.  I just love cheese and to be honest, would take a cheese pizza over meat pizza any day!

Neal then finished the pizza off with the chicken sausage he had sauteed.

It was glorious.  Neal and I both wish we had added onions and bell peppers to the pizza, but we’ll do that next time!

This pizza was rockin’ and made for awesome leftovers today, especially after going to spin this morning!

Spin is a fantastic workout, in my opinion.  Although my rear is often sore from the hour long class, the workout I get from indoor cycling is outstanding!  This morning I burned 1012 calories (according to my FT-7) which is well beyond the amount of calories I burn when I use the elliptical or even run for 30 minutes.

I was pretty tired after this morning’s class but I think that’s more because I only got 5 hours of sleep last night.  I swear that 40 minutes into the class I was tempted to close my eyes, even though I was working out like an banshee.  All in all though, I always leave spin feeling refreshed and motivated!  It also gives me a killer leg workout!

If you asked me what my best feature is I would say my calves.  I’ve always had muscular legs but I love how defined they are now.  If anyone is looking for a shoe model, I’m your girl!

In other news, I was quoted in the Washington Post Express newspaper today!!

Although it was a wild Monday morning, being able to share my experience with others has been a lot of fun and has connected me with a lot of different people.

What are your favorite pizza toppings?  What is your favorite workout?


The Crazy Commute

Today started out like any other Monday, sleep deprived and in urgent need of some coffee.  I managed to roll out of bed at 5:30AM, keeping my promise to stick to my weekly plan!  With an iced coffee in one hand and a 30 pound bag over my shoulder, I made it to the door by 6:10AM.  I was ready for my workout and the work day ahead of me!

Ready for a good workout! Clearly I need to wake up!

On my way to the metro I checked out the twitter feeds about WMATA as I do every morning.  Today, the blue and yellow were closed down between Braddock Road and Reagan Airport, which as a daily commuter means possible chaos!  As the metro rails were flooded at Potomac Yard, metro riders were forced to get off at Braddock Road and take a shuttle to the airport to continue their trip into downtown Washington, DC.

Taken at 6:54AM at Braddock Road

As I walked out of the station I embarked upon a sea of commuters.  The crowds were calm but there was a lot of confusion.  Where were all the shuttles?

While waiting for a shuttle I began tweeting up at storm (@coffeeckecardio).  I think it’s important to update the community of what’s going on and to help my fellow metro riders!  It’s also fun connecting with other people on twitter and having the ability to share our experiences.

47 minutes later (I had my heart rate monitor on for my workout, so I went ahead and started my stop watch) I was on a shuttle bus to Reagan Airport.

By the time I left the station, the crowd was back up into the Braddock Road station— Insane.  I was on the shuttle for about 15 minutes before arriving at Reagan Airport.  When we arrived there were 3 empty buses sitting at the station.  OK— is it just me or are more shuttles needed at Braddock Road????  Maybe I should work for WMATA.

While waiting for the yellow line at Reagan, I received an e-mail from 94.7 Fresh FM’s DJ Kelly Collis asking to call the radio station to update them on my travels and experience during the morning commute.  I was happy to call the station, LOVE them, and had an awesome interview with Kelly.  The interview aired about 35 or so minutes later.  My photos were even used by the local TV stations, which is awesome!

2 hours and 15 minutes later I was sitting at my desk.  WHAT. A. COMMUTE!

The work day was great and I even interviewed with the Washington Post about my commute over lunch and was quoted in an article this evening.

Tonight I’m making home made pizza, topped with chicken italian sausage and am enjoying a nice glass of fruity wine!

Sparkling wine ($4.99 at Trader Joes) with a little frozen peach puree

Happy Gal!

Today was crazy, fun, wild, tiring, and thrilling but I’m looking forward to making pizza with Neal and getting up for spin tomorrow morning.  Lets hope that I make it to the gym this time!

What’s the worst commute you’ve ever had?  How did you celebrate making it through?

A Wicked Weekend

I had a wonderfully wicked weekend!

Saturday started off with a number of errands but after an afternoon of homework my BF and I headed into the city.  I love Washington, DC but one thing I do not love is the Metro Transit System on weekends.  Due to lower ridership it’s a great time to do maintenance, but for those who do use the train, it boils down to long waits, packed cars, and LOTS of tourists.

Tourists (teenagers) on the metro

After a fairly long trip into Union Station, I was delighted to see all of the beautiful cupcakes at Crumbs Bakery when we first entered the station.

How rockin’ do these cupcakes look?  I’ve heard they aren’t the greatest in DC (my vote is for Baked and Wired) but they look awesome!!

We then met up with my cousin in the Union Station food court.  She had a fairly tight itinerary, but it was so good to see her.  Not that it was funny, but she shared about the difficulties she’s faced with her in-laws and sister-in-law.  Of course I hated to hear about what she has gone through but I think it was good for my BF and I to hear.

My BF was learning how to take self portraits. He did great!

After visiting with my cousin, we got back on the red line and headed to Clarendon.  Of course, we had a LONG wait!

Disappointed by the train delay (not really, we were just having fun)

In Clarendon we grabbed a beer at Witlows on Wilson where I had my first Shandy.  Shandy is a beer and lemonade combination and it rocked!! I really, really enjoyed it!  For dinner we used our Groupon to Pete’s New Haven Style Pizza and had a grand ole time!  Clarendon is a cute little spot in Arlington.

Sunday morning we helped Rosco move out of his apartment and then it was back to the books for me.  I have a big project due tonight, so I had to get as much of it done as possible before my BF and I headed out to see Wicked! By 4PM I was finally starting to get hungry and had had just about enough of my school work.  It was time to get dolled up and head out with my beau.

My boyfriend and I enjoy getting dressed up but we don’t do it all that often.  Our idea of a fun night is either a baseball game, weeding through our DVR, watching sports on TV, grabbing a quick bite out, or making turkey burgers in.  We’re pretty chill but we do clean up pretty well!

Before heading to the Kennedy Center we stopped by one of our favorite restaurants, Dogfish Head Alehouse, to grab some dinner.  My BF LOVES their Steak Bomb Sandwich and though I almost always get their Salmon Sandwich I opted for the Alehouse Mac and Cheese.

It was super yummy, with red peppers, sun dried tomatoes, and summer squash.  You could definitely taste the pepperjack cheese!

We kinda had to rush through dinner but it was amazing and I have to say, the company was pretty awesome 😉

The Kennedy Center is such a beautiful venue.  Whether or not you go to see a show, you should definitely visit it when you’re in town.  The architecture is amazing and the history is pretty astounding.  I’ve seen 3 performances at the Kennedy Center and each time I am wowed.

We arrived about 20 minutes before the start of the show, which was perfect.

We snapped a few photos and then headed to our seats.

The photo I got yelled at for taking... oops!

Wicked is an absolutely amazing show. This is the second time I’ve seen it and it’s really good.  My BF enjoyed it as well, which is great considering he just saw the Wizard of Oz for the first time on Friday!!  Earlier this morning my boyfriend wrote me and said “Why do I have that darn “Popular” song stuck in my head?  :-P”, so I know he enjoyed the show!

We had a wonderful weekend, and although I have a lot of school work to get done today and this week, I’m really looking forward to the 4th of July weekend.  I really need to make it out to the pool soon as well!  Nothing says summer like being by the pool side.

Weekly Plan: June 27 – July 3

Workout Plan

Monday- Elliptical and weights before work (oops… have to go after work today)

Tuesday- Spin @ 7AM before work

Wednesday- Off

Thursday- Spin @ 7AM before work

Friday- Elliptical and weights before work

Saturday- Off

Sunday- Run with BF

Meal Plan






1 bowl of toasted oat squares and ½ cup blueberries

Watermelon, 1 peach, Justin’s Peanut Butter, Saltine Crackers

Dinner at Faccia Luna with Bible Study Group


mango strawberry protein smoothie

2 hard boiled eggs


Turkey Burger at Chef Boyfriendo’s


1 bowl of toasted oat squares and ½ cup blueberries

Salad (haven’t decided what yet)

Pasta with meat sauce


1 bowl of toasted oat squares

2 hard boiled eggs, peach

leftover pasta with meat sauce

Sushi at Momo


mango pineapple strawberry protein smoothie

2 hard boiled eggs


leftover Pasta with meat sauce

Week’s Events

This week should be pretty mellow.  I want to focus this week on getting back into a routine and cranking out some graduate work.  I’m kinda looking forward to a mellow week!

What’s your ideal fun night/date night?  Going out?  Staying in?