Locus of Control

Even though it’s a lot of work, I love graduate school and I love my grad program.  Last week for one of my classes we focused on creating a learning assessment.  Through various assessments I was able to gather both my learning style and better understand other aspects of my personality that contribute to my learning. One assessment called the “Locus Of Control & Attributional Style Test” was extremely interesting.

“Locus of control refers to how a person perceives the cause of life events. Someone with an internal locus of control would generally perceive himself or herself as responsible for certain occurrences (his or her actions would have a direct bearing on the result). On the other hand, a person with an external locus of control would most often blame (or thank) fate, destiny, luck, society, or some other force beyond his or her control.”

The assessment doesn’t take too long (5-10 minutes) and can shed light to an aspect of your personality.  You can find the Locus of Control assessment here.

I found my results to be rather accurate and quite interesting.  I scored a 66 on a 1-100 scale.  My assessment results stated that “You have a fairly internal attribution style when it comes to success. In general, you interpret your success as a result of your skills, intelligence, nice personality, etc. although you might think it takes a bit of luck as well. As a result, you are usually able to accept the credit you deserve. Your self-esteem, motivation, and general well-being certainly benefit from this orientation.”

I agree with the outcome of my assessment as I do feel that skills have a lot to do with success, but at the same time “a bit of luck”, as they put it, has something to do with our success.  I believe in timing and that sometimes things just line up— it can be out of our control.

Did you agree with what your assessment said about your locus of control? 

Today I have a dentist appointment, work, gym and then lots of graduate work.  Happy Thursday everyone!