A Proud Hawkeye!

It’s the weekend!! And not just any weekend, it’s a 3 day weekend!!

Yesterday was a really big day for Neal!  As a published author, he had a book signing at Fry Fest in Iowa City for his new book “What It Means To Be a Hawkeye“.

Before the book signing, Neal was able to show me around the University of Iowa.  It was so fun seeing where he went to school and the dorm he lived in while he was there.

We even saw Neal’s books in a number of Iowa bookstores, which was really cool!

Neal was so happy and I totally felt like a proud girlfriend!!  Speaking of being a girlfriend… guess what Neal bought me??

Yeah right!  I wish!  We both got a good laugh out of it though.

After walking around the university for a bit, we stopped at Jimmy Johns for lunch.  We have a Jimmy Johns in Washington, DC but Neal and I had never been so we thought we’d give it a try.  I 0rdered the turkey sandwich on their 7 grain bread.  It was a really tasty sandwich and very, very filling!

Once at Fry Fest we walked around for a bit and checked out all the venders and their booths.  There were soooo many t-shirt stands and lots memorabilia.  It screamed Hawkeye pride!

Is it sad that I really wished I had children already that way I could buy this table and chairs set?  These were SO adorable.  There were so many children there, dressed up in their Iowa attire.  It was incredibly cute.

Neal’s book signing was wonderful and it was so fun seeing him with the other authors and players.  I also stepped in to help organize things a bit.  They needed a woman’s touch to help things run smoothly.

After the book signing we headed back to his parents house and relaxed for a bit…. but it wasn’t before long that we headed out to the Dari Barn!!

This is seriously one of the best ice cream places I’ve been to and they are only open between memorial day and labor day.

It was a wonderful day and it’s hard to believe that we haven’t even been to the Iowa football game yet!  The game is at 11AM CST today and we’re both really looking forward to them playing Tennessee Tech!

I’m also really looking forward to Sunday as Neal and I are going on a 3 mile run around town as part of our 15K training!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Zebra Pudding– Where Have I Been?

It has been way too long!  I miss my blog, I miss you guys, and I miss normalcy.  Life has been pretty hectic this month, and yes, it has only been 7 days so far.  So let me update you on the month of July thus far…

June 29/June 30— I had a phone interview for a job I applied for in May.  On top of that we were busy at work, so those days flew by.  On Friday I was asked for an on campus interview to be held on Wednesday, July 6. 

July 1 — this was a BIG day for my BF and I, lol.  I gave him my spare car keys woop woop!  Long overdue and in all honesty, I just kept forgetting to give him my spare.

He was super stoked!

July 2— After a morning filled with homework, my BF and I headed to the mall to do a little perusing.  We had a lot of fun and it was great to get out of the house.  We then headed to a Nationals game with Wizard, Rosco and Nancy.

In my opinion, there is nothing better than a night game in the middle of the summer.  Our seats were great and the game was even better.

I haven’t been feeling all that good these past few weeks, I’m correlating it with stress, so I wasn’t really up for ball park food.  My BF on the other hand ordered this puppy… a Nacho Dog.  It was awesome!  Hotdog, pico de gallo, cheese, sour cream and jalapenos.

It was a wonderful evening and the largest crowd at Nats Park this season so far!!  It was PACKED!

July 3— After another morning of homework, my BF and I headed up to Baltimore to visit my Aunt.  We had a fun “indoor BBQ” and were able to mingle with some of her friends.  I brought these babies to the party and they were a HIT!!  Thanks Iowa Girl Eats!

We then met up with Rosco and Wizard for a game night.  I also made Iowa Girl Eats’ twix balls  and Zebra Pudding.  The Zebra Pudding was a HIT!

Zebra Pudding

1 pack chocolate chip cookies (I use Chips Ahoy reduced fat cookies)

2-3 cups of milk (I use skim milk)

1 large tub of Cool Whip (I use the light version)

Prepare your assembly line: line up your pack of cookies, bowl with the 2-3 cups of milk, 8×8 baking tin and the tub of Cool Whip.  Take 9 cookies and place them in the bowl of milk.  Submerge the cookies for 20-30 seconds.  You do not want the cookies to desinagrate, but you want them to be milk soaked.  Place the 9 cookies in the bottom of the baking tin.  Next place a small layer of Cool Whip over your layer of cookies.  Repeat this process until the baking tin is full, finishing with a layer of Cool whip.  Next place the tin in the refrigerator to settle (30 minutes minimum) and enjoy!!

July 4— After a morning homework (see a trend developing), my BF and I headed down to the National Mall to see the fireworks.  Wizard, Rosco, and Nancy met us down there around 6PM and we all settled in for the evening concert while led up to the fireworks.

We went to the Mall last year, but it was nowhere near as packed as it was this year!!

I think the weather had something to do with it.  Last year was hot as balls, where as this year was in the 80’s and overcast.  A few showers did roll in, just as Jo Dee Messina was singing “bring on the rain” ironically.

Like the new umbrella??

My favorite time of day is twilight, and being on the Mall during this time of day is magical.  I just love seeing the monuments against the midnight blue sky.

As the sun went down, the glow sticks came out!

And then came the fireworks!!!

It was a pretty rockin’, and smokey, show!!

July 5— Back to the grind and lots of prepping for my interview.  The highlight of the day was hearing that my BF had received copies of his 2nd book, What It Means to Be a Hawkeye (published and printed a few weeks ago).  It is a fantastic book and I am so incredibly proud of him!!

July 6— THE BIG DAY!  Interviewed in the morning and Dr’s appointment in the afternoon.  I was exhausted by 5PM but it was a great day!  My BF came over later that night too, which is always a treat.  We had Wendy’s for dinner and watched Love in the Wild.  My kinda evening… relaxing and fun!

Today— I finally feel like life is returning to normal.  Graduate school is pretty intense right now, just 2 1/2 weeks remaining.  I have a lot to get done, but I also do 🙂  Tonight my co-worker, BF and I are going to the Nationals vs. Cubs game at Nationals Park.  It looks to be a very fun evening, assuming the storms hold off.

How has your month been so far?  Any fun July plans?