The Duffel Bag

Yesterday was such a fantastic day…. I FINISHED BOTH OF MY GRAD CLASSES!!! Although both of my classes were fantastic, I was thrilled to submit my final projects early last night.

After a long commute home, Neal met me at Ted’s Montana Grill for a yummy burger.  I have been craving salty foods like whoa, so the Blue Creek Burger was calling my name.  Buffalo meat, blue cheese, bacon, veggies, and a toasted bun… YUMMY!

We had a wonderful dinner together and were able to catch up on some of the many happenings going on.  Yesterday was a big day for Neal as his book, What It Means to Be a Hawkeye, reached #1 on the college and university chart on  I’m just so proud of him!

Once we were back at the car, Neal went into the trunk and grabbed his duffel bag.  I was confused as to why he had a duffel bag with him, but then he asked me to open it.  It was an anniversary present 🙂  The duffel bag was his method for wrapping the gift.  I opened up the bag and there before me were ALL 10 seasons of Friends!!  I was so incredibly excited!!  It was such a fantastic present.

Have you ever been so surprised by a gift someone gave you?  What was it?