Great News

I’ve mentioned this a little, after going MIA at the beginning on July, but I interviewed for a job earlier this month and was offered the job last Friday!!  I happily accepted the job and will be back working in college athletics. I am overjoyed and am so excited to move into the next phase of my professional career.

This summer has been wild.  2 graduate classes in 6 weeks, job interviews, freshmen orientations for my current job, and lots of random to dos…. overall though, it has been stressful crazy hectic overwhelming fun.  This week I’ll submit my final projects for my grad classes and have a celebratory dinner planned for Thursday night with the crew (Neal, Wizard, and Nancy).

August is going to be an awesome month and I’m really looking forward to a few things:

  1. Visiting my brother in Las Vegas
  2. Ending my current job
  3. Starting my new job
  4. Having 3 weeks off from Graduate School
  5. Creating a training program for the Will Run For Chocolate 15K Neal and I are running in December
  6. Going to Iowa for FryFest, Neal’s book signing, and opening game
  7. Continuing my Scaleless Summer 

July has been amazing in the end and I’m really looking to some down time in August!!

How has your month been?