27 Accomplishments in 27 Years

Here’s a look at some of my accomplishments from my first 27 years of life…

1984 — Drank a lot of breast milk

1985 — If only I wore a pedometer, I was a walking queen

1986 —  I enjoyed my last year as the only child in my family.  So glad I have my sibs now though!

1987 —  Fell in love with My Little Ponies and learned how much I hate peach oatmeal.

1988 —  I learned how to give my stuffed animals hair cuts.

1989 —  I learned how to cut my own bangs.

1990 —  I watched ET, Dirty Dancing, and the Indian Jones Trilogy more that year than I have my entire life.

1991 —  I became a fashionista

1992 — If I remember correctly, I rocked the house collecting earth worms for a science project worm farm.

1993 —  I learned that stealing Troll stickers from your classmates backpacks is bad.

1994 —  I won the 25 meter dash at the school Olympics.  I was kinda a big deal in the 4th grade.

1995 —  I had my first real crush (Ely) and my first real rejection.  Makes me laugh now.  Giving him a pack of gum and love note was a bad idea.

1996 —  I sold a heck of a lot of Girl Scout cookies!  I was the cookie selling queen in my neighborhood.

1997 — I made the cheerleading squad

1998 —  I made the cheerleading squad

1999 —  I fell in love with the discus throw

2000 —  I began to read and study the bible and understand the scriptures.

2001 —  I’m pretty sure all of my sick days that year were just excuses to stay home and watch “A Baby Story” and “A Wedding Story”.  OH and I got my first job at Baskin Robbins.

2002 — Won 1st place at the Texas Women’s Powerlifting State Championship, graduate from High School, and Started my first year as a collegiate student-athlete in track and field.

2003 —  I learned that tapping on a window to upset a bee hive is a bad idea when you’re a strong woman.  I have a scar on my hand to prove it.

2004 —  I transferred to George Mason and fell in love with the hammer throw

2005 —  I moved into my first dorm as a senior in college and loved every minute of it!

2006 — Graduated from college and accepted my first job at Dartmouth College.

2007 — Lost 50 pounds

2008 — Traveled to Europe to visit friends in Germany and family in England, a trip I will never regret.

2009 — Met the man of my dreams and started graduate school.

2010 —  Ran the Country Music Half Marathon with TEAM in Training

2011 —  Started blogging!

I’ve lived a pretty fun life so far.  I have a wonderful family, a loving and supportive boyfriend, an amazing career, hobbies I love, and hopefully a lot of year ahead of me.  Here’s to having lived 27 years!!  Turning 27 is going to rock the house on Sunday.

Happy Friday… Sadly I have the cold Neal had but at least it’s almost the weekend!  I hope y’all have a great day!


4 Responses

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a wonderful 27 years 🙂

    Happy early birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday!! I must say you have had an awesome 27 years!!

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