One Sick Fiance

Poor Neal.  He’s hasn’t been feeling too well this past week and ever since the engagement he’s been super sick.  I love taking care of him though.  Although I hate seeing him sick, I just love how some men act when they’re sick.  They’re so incredibly sweet, needy, and cuddly… I just love it.  I get to jump into Wife/Mommy role, which I love.

Aside from Neal being sick, life has been so awesome.  I stare at my ring all the time.  I’m just so excited!  I’m so happy we’re engaged!

Neal and I decided that we’re going to get married here in Washington, DC on July 7, 2012.  There’s plenty of planning to do, but with graduate school and work, taking it week to week is the plan.  I’m excited to be planning our wedding together though and am definitely going to enjoy the ride (and I’m excited for y’all to come along for the ride too).

Wedding Planning Week 1 (October 10-16)

  • Finalize budget
  • Research venues
  • Research churches
  • Finalize photographer

Neal got an “engagement present” from me today…

The Engaged Groom — Woop Woop.  I thought it might be a good read for him if he’s interested.  He was pretty excited… but I think it’s more because he’s a groom and a fiance.  I also made Neal a celebratory Pumpkin Spice cake!

3 ingredient Pumpkin Spice Cake

          1.  1 box of Duncan Hines Spice Cake mix

          2.  1 can of pumpkin

          3.  1/3 cup water

Combine all of the ingredients, pour into a 9 x 9 inch baking dish, and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

This cake is fantastic.  It came out of the oven light and fluffy and tastes like fall!  I enjoyed it plain but it was also really tasty with some butter cream frosting.

Thank you all for the wonderful notes and congratulations on this week!  I’m thrilled to be engaged to Neal and am so excited to share all about it on Coffee, Cake and Cardio!!


6 Responses

  1. Wow- you picked a date already?!?! Did you already book a venue?? If not, I’ll warn you- places fill up like 1-2 years ahead of time. But, luckily there are also a bajillion amazing places to get married around DC. And July is a GREAT time to get married!
    I can tell that someone has been planning her wedding for a loooooong time. 😉
    Have fun- so exciting!! (And you’ll get used to saying “my fiance” soon enough)

  2. Ooh your ring is beautiful!!! I’m so happy for you! Just so you know wedding planning is great for weight loss. All my friends have lost weight just from the stress of wedding planning. I hope you blog all about your planning because I’m slightly addicted to weddings. Do you ever watch any of these wedding shows like Say Yes To The Dress and my personal fave: Bridezillas?

    • Thank you so much Sarah!! For whatever reason your messages were going to spam. I’m so glad I found them. I’m really excited about wedding planning and got my first taste of stress tonight, lol. It’s going to be fun though. I LOVE the show Say Yes to the Dress but Bridezillas drives me crazy. There’s no way they’re that bad and it they are, it makes me sad. It is addicting though!

  3. I can’t wait to read all about the wedding! And your ring is gorgeous.

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