A Little Coffee Love

Happy Thursday everyone!

This week has been rather good but I am totally looking forward to the weekend.  Isn’t it interesting how we’re always looking forward to the weekend.  Kinda weird how we want 5 out of our 7 days each week to fly by.  I love my job, so that has absolutely nothing to do with my week days, I think it’s more that the weekend is my time to relax, go on adventures, and not have an agenda (sometimes).  Still, Monday through Friday can be wonderful…

This week so far…

Monday — Ran for 40 minutes with Neal before work, made butternut squash mac and cheese for dinner, and then cranked out a learning profile project for graduate school.

Tuesday — Worked out on the elliptical for 20 minutes and then lifted weights for 40 minutes (squats, chest press, chest pulls, core exercises, and hamstring curls), had dinner with some friends at Matchbox in Chinatown after work (ordered the veggie pizza, yummy), and then watched the Biggest Loser.

Veggie Pizza and an onion ring 🙂

Our tables' dessert trio!

Wednesday — Ran for 30 minutes with Neal before work (we weren’t feeling it yesterday) and then met up with my Daddy and Neal for dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill.  Neal and I love Ted’s and I ordered the blue creek burger, my favorite!  It was wonderful seeing my Dad!  I love him so much.

This morning I have a doctors appointment, so it was nice being able to sleep in and put a little extra effort into getting ready.  Today I’m wearing heels to work– YAY!  After work the plan is to lift weights at the gym, make tuna casserole at home, and then crank out some more graduate work.  OH, and I was finally able to weight myself this morning…

Biggest Loser Challenge Week 2

  • Starting Weight: 226.6 pounds
  • Week 2 Weight:  225.2 pounds (up .4 pounds from last week, but I have eaten out the past two nights)
  • Total Weight Lost: 1.4 pounds

Now for a little coffee love from Pinterest….


10 Responses

  1. I’m sure the weight “gain” is salt- since you’ve eaten out the last two nights. Don’t sweat it- it looks like you’re doing GREAT!

  2. Oh I love coffee. It was the saddest day EVER when I had to give it up for the medicine I take. Talk about tears and cravings!!! Congratulations on your weight loss. Keep it up for week 3!!!

  3. That dessert trio looks delish! What are the doughy looking things in the cup?

    Congrats on the weight loss! Better loss than gain 🙂

  4. He he! Love that last one. Coffee is SOOOO the most important meal of the day.

  5. Way to go on the 1+ lb loss in a week!!!! That is a fantastic amount to lose each week for long term loss success. I teach an obesity and weight management graduate nutrition course and my lecture this week was physical activity and energy expenditure ( last week was diet). We had an in-class discussion on The Biggest Loser and we watched a video clip too. I love/hate it. I hate that half of the show is dedicated to showing ridiculous workouts and challenges, another 10 minutes is usually a temptation of unhealthy foods, and then the remaining time is all the “shock factor” of double digit weight loss in 7 days…. like 10 lb in 1 week is not realistic for most people AND they have an amazing R.D that does their diet workup but is NEVER mentioned at all in the show!

    I think the message overall for losing weight and getting healthy and working hard at it is good … BUT… How do you feel ? I mean how do you feel on the challenge and watching the show, do you feel like it encourages you to keep going?

    • Hey bhealthier! Welcome to Coffee, Cake and Cardio!

      I completely understand your love/hate relationship with the biggest loser. I actually read an article earlier this year and it stated that a “week” on the Biggest Loser isn’t always 7 days long. Some times it’s shorter and sometimes it’s longer. I guess they do it for effect.

      For me though, the Biggest Loser is inspiring because the emotions they are feeling and working through are real and a lot of us can relate. I do wish that they would talk more about their food intake and nutrition, but I am still inspired by the show. It helped me a lot back in 2007 when I lost 50 pounds.

      Overall, I think the Biggest Loser motivates our nation. This season especially because it is the “battle of the ages”. It is impactful to see what they achieve, especially after they go home. I know what goes on at the ranch is unrealistic for most but we have to remember that each week someone goes home and they are still successful in their weight loss at home.

      I can’t wait to talk to you more about this.

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