Weekend Recap: October Style

This weekend was awesome!  It started out with dinner at Liz’s on Friday night

Liz made a fantastic vegetable lasagna, which included carrots!  I had never had lasagna with carrots, so it was quite the surprise.

I also left her place with enough cat hair on me to form another cat, but it’s well worth it when I get to see Isabel and Luna.

On Saturday, Neal and I braved the weather and went out to the Del Ray arts festival in Alexandria.

Thankfully it didn’t rain too much once we were there so we were able to enjoy the venders and all of the art.  I was able to see my favorite photographer, Matthew Parker, and am eye balling a few of his prints.

After the art festival, we headed over to Mancini’s our favorite breakfast place!

Neal ordered a chorizo, egg, and veggie sandwich with a key lime soda

And I ordered the “Frenchman’s omelet” which was made with bacon, spinach, leeks, and brie.  It was awesome!  After a Costco run and a few other errands, we called it a day and stayed in for the evening.  It was great getting laundry done and catching up on our DVR.  OH, and we watched Patton… one of Neal’s favorite movies.

Today Neal and I both slept in, so running in the morning was totally out.  Instead we ran to the grocery store and watched the Redskins game.  After getting some graduate work done during the 1st and 2nd quarters, I fell asleep during the 3rd quarter and slept for a good hour or so.  I got a lot of sleep today, but my body needed it I guess.

Around 5:30PM we decided it was time to get out 5 mile run in, better late than never.  We decided to run on the Mt. Vernon trail in Old Town Alexandria, which takes you out to Reagan National Airport.  We both had a fantastic run!  We were feeling great and I honestly could have kept running, if it weren’t already dark out.

I’ve found that after 4 miles, I’m usually warmed up and ready to go.  I have to keep that in mind when I’m feeling lousy in my first 3 miles.

I really had a fantastic weekend and feel good going into the week ahead!  Have a fantastic week everyone!


3 Responses

  1. Love it! Looks like a great weekend! 🙂 Are those Siberian cats? They look like Shadow!

    Also … hoping to come down the weekend of Nov. 18-19. Will you be in town? I will probably stay with Randy but want to see your face and lots of it.

  2. That breakfast thing looks really good. Looks like you had a great weekend. I’m the same when it comes to running – the first few miles I hate it and then I warm up and start enjoying the run.

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