My Favorite Month: October

October is my favorite month of the year!!  The weather turns cooler, the leaves change colors, football season is well under way, apples are ready for picking, pumpkins are ready to be carved, and my birthday is on the 16!  I love October!

In September I….

September Goals Recap

  • September Mantra “Plate Produce First” — I’d like to say that I lived this one out, but I really didn’t. 
  • Rock the house on my 15K training program! — Neal and I have been doing awesome!!  Only missed 3 trainings all month! 
  • Read The Flexitarian Diet (Dawn is amazing by the way!!) — Sadly I haven’t touched it.  Maybe after this semester.
  • Be productive with graduate work on weekdays in order to enjoy the weekends with Neal and friends. — Yes, I’ve done a really good job with graduate school… though I have a lot to do this weekend! 
  • Have my first giveaway on Coffee Cake and Cardio! — Amish Market Giveaway!!  I loved it!
  • Try one new recipe each week — Week 1 Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich, Week 2 Mexican Turkey Meatloaf, Week 3 Buffalo Chicken Pasta Bake, Week 4 Panzanella Salad with Salmon

October Goals

  • Lose 10 pounds this month as I continue my biggest loser challenge (be down to 214 lbs by November 1)
  • Lift weights 2 times a week
  • Continue to try a new recipe each week
  • Continue our 15k training
  • Enjoy my birthday and the festivities, making wise food choices along the way!
  • Read 1 non school related book (First Family)

What are your October goals?


9 Responses

  1. Yay for completed goals and a whole new set! I should challenge myself to a new recipe a week.

  2. hi there!

    Happy October…our birthday’s are 10 days apart! Fun! I try to make a new recipe each week as well. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. Hope are you and Neal are enjoying the weekend!

  3. Good job for completed goals 🙂 I’m trying to lose ten pounds in October too!! Let’s lose together!

  4. Hooray for goal-making, and goal accomplishing!!
    I need to start doing BOTH of those things. I’m a big list-maker, but haven’t been really making “goal lists” for myself.
    I have to say though- I’m not a big fan of saying “I must lose x amount of weight by a certain date.” I just feel like that kind of sets one up for failure. What do you think?
    (That being said, I would LOVE to lose 10 lbs in October). 🙂

    • Hey Lauren! I totally respect that and understand it. I think it’s good for me to have goals but to also be proud of what I do achieve. I think everyone is driven to achieve differently, but it helps me to have goals like this. It has to be a SMART goal though (Specific, Measurable, Action Based, Realistic, and Time Oriented). That’s kinda where I’m coming from.

  5. Yeah- I get what you’re saying. I’ve just heard people say “not” to make an absolute goal- but you have to do what works for you!
    I made my own goal list, too. You gals inspired me. 🙂
    Are you doing the same 15k as Sarah? Maybe I should get in the action!

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