Super Food!

When did it get so dark in the mornings? 

Today is my day off, from workouts, and I thoroughly enjoyed “sleeping in” until 6:30AM.  I actually could not figure out what that noise was at 6:30AM until I realized that my alarm had been going off for 5 minutes.  I feel awake and refreshed though… ready to tackle the day. But first, a little cup of joy…

My mornings have forever changed with the creation of Dunkin Donuts K-Cups!  Their coffee is such a treat and it’s making me uber happy these days.  In other news, I am striving to drink my coffee with only a splash of fat free half and half.  It’s easy to add a packet of splenda or a little sugar, but I love how coffee tastes so why sweeten it?  I also think Neal’s theories on artificial sweeteners is starting to get to me.

Do you use artificial sweeteners?  Any thoughts?

I’ve also been drinking 12 oz. of water each morning with 2 scoops of Amazing Grass‘ GREENSuperFood in Orange Dreamsicle.

I won these two products at the Healthy Living Summit conference back in August.  This week is the first week I’ve tried them and I’m honestly in love.  They also have a fantastic website where I signed up for their 2 week challenge.  I can’t say that I feel different (in three days), but the drink powder is really tasty and it feels great knowing that I’m putting such wonderful nutrients into my body.

Today looks to be a good day, rainy but good.  After work I need to go to a coffee shop to get some reading done.  (Anyone in DC recommend a cute coffee shop near a metro stop that isn’t Starbucks?)  Last night I had this grand plan to get all of my graduate work done for one of my classes but by the time I got home I was pooped.  Instead I watched Modern Family, which was awesome, and half of Law and Order SVU, not so awesome.  I love SVU, but last night’s episode was really odd and was too much like the real life case of Dominique-Strauss Kahn and the NYC maid.  It kinda bothered me that it was so close to that story.

Have a very happy Thursday and continue to make healthy living choices!

What are some of the healthy living choices you’ve made this week?  Now’s your time to brag!


8 Responses

  1. All the coffeeshops I like aren’t super close to any Metros, except for Tynan right above the Columbia Heights metro. 😦 If Dupont is convenient though, there are a couple that I used to study at along 17th Street, near P and Q.

    I usually don’t put any sweetener in my coffee or tea either, but lately I’ve been trying stevia when I’m craving a little sugar. It’s good and it’s a plant extract, so I think it counts as being not artificial!

  2. I’ve had that happen to me where I’m half sleeping and think WTF is that sound and it’s my alarm clock blaring. So annoying!

  3. Which metro? Firehook is great and there are a couple near metros — Cleveland Park, Cap South & Metro Center (but the metro center one isn’t that cute). I’m not sure about the WiFi there though. I love the one by cap South.

    If you do go to Firehook, though, beware of their yummy looking desserts.

  4. It is getting so much darker! I always get sad because pictures get all dark and sad too. Dunkin Doughnuts is such a good coffee brand. I’m envious.

  5. I’ve been making a conscious effort to get more greens and whole grains in every day, and I’ve worked out every day this week—which definitely does wonders for my mood!

  6. Congrats on all the progress!! Eek I still use splenda but mainly stevia in the raw. I’m torn because I’m sure that artificial sweeteners aren’t the best for you but at the same time, I want to lose weight.

    I’m proud that I ran four miles this morning!

  7. No artificial sweetners for me. After I started eating real food, I realized that I hated the after taste and surprise surprise I was satisfy with the food quicker than eating the light diet version.

    My healthy habits at I chose to commit this week has been being open to the experience that I would eat over it so I seek support from friends, therapist, etc. I said no to food that was offer that wouldn’t feel right in my body. I moved my body on a regular consistent basis.

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