Cereal Wars

I have learned so much about myself these past two days, just from counting my calories on myplate.com.  Yesterday I started out the day consuming way more calories than planned and learned a lot about the effects of buying foods that tempt me to overeat.

Yesterday I consumed 2150 calories total and burned 464 calories at the gym (30 minutes of spin), bringing me to 1686 calories.   Here’s the breakdown…

  • Breakfast – 930 calories (sadness)
  • Lunch- 490 calories
  • Afternoon Snack- 200 calories
  • Evening Snack- 230 calories
  • Dinner- 300 calories

Over the past two days I have received some amazing comments and advice from my readers and I’ve just got to share some of them…

“When I have a realistic plan of what I’m going to eat for the day it takes away the fear that Im not going to have enough food to eat that may lead to a binge” – Laura

“Portion control is hard for me too – one trick I used is that when I cook at home, I try to estimate how many portions the dish makes before I start eating, and then I just limit myself to one. The rest go into Tupperware!” – Esther

“That’s why Clean Eating has saved me. If it’s more then three steps removed from it’s original form, it’s off the plate.  As you can imagine, very few of those cereals make the grade. I don’t’ even like to think of what’s making it ‘Magically Delicious’.” – Holly

“I LOVE CEREAL. But, I rarely buy any kind other than Smart Bran (for the fiber) and Kamut or Millet Puffs (1 cup= 50 cal, no sugar). I have no concept of portion control when it comes to cereal- and really- 3/4 of a cup is a serving? Are you kidding me??!! Who would ever eat 3/4 cup of cereal?? So, with the cereal I DO buy, it’s perfectly fine to have 2 cups of it.” – Lauren

“Even if i don’t eat it, I’m thinking about not eating it, or how much I can maybe eat later, then I’m like. screw it, I’m eating it. I’ll show that box of cereal who is boss!” – Holly

“As for your morning, don’t worry about! Just take a deep breath and realize occasionally you might eat a few too many Lucky Charms. Life’s too short to beat yourself up. And don’t starve yourself for the rest of the day because you’ll make yourself more vulnerable to overeat later.” – Sarah

“Starbucks’ website has great nutrition info with breakdowns by size & add-ons.” – Liz
“First. I have a rule when it comes to cereal and that is “there will always be 2 bowls”. And I love Lucky Charms. I think you’re doing such a great job on your healthy eating . When I drink starbucks drinks (other than my two usual caffeine fixes) I always get the tall size because they are all under 300 calories. Just a little tip.” –Maren

And the comment of the day award goes to Holly

“I think at the end of the day if it’s a food that takes up time and conversation and second guessing, I rule it out. I’m not being snarky, this really is how I got rid of a lot of stuff (that like you I bought myself).

I’d realize that I’d just had a twenty minute conversation about something I ate and why and how bad I felt when I could have been talking about something that would make me feel good. Or listening to something someone else had to say.

I’d be like WTF? did I just talk to three people about how I ate this box of Frosted Flakes? Really? Given a healthy dose of perspective, I begin to see what I was allowing to influence SO much of my time was, well, it was a freakin’ Frosted Flake.

That was when I really got how we allow food to permeate every aspect of our lives. It’s food. It doesn’t really make me happy, or sad or fulfill me. Maybe making it does, sharing it does, but it’s food.

I’m not saying this is true for anyone else or making a judgment call or anything like that, just sharing my WTF?! moment when I finally got that I had better things to do then manage Frosted Flakes. I was like, ok, FF, you win, I won’t buy you anymore. The Cereal War was over.”

They are all right!  Holly’s right!  The Cereal War is over… I don’t have to allow myself to be consumed by my favorite foods.  Should I have more self control, sure, but I know that bringing sugary foods into the house will tempt me to overeat… just as I shared with my nutella binge.

I’m so thankful for my readers and the advice they’ve given me these past two days.  We can truly learn so much from one another and I want Coffee Cake and Cardio to be a forum for that.  If you ever have questions that you’d like me to answer or ask on my blog in which readers can respond to, please do not hesitate to e-mail me!   I am also eager to blog about topics that are important to you, so again, please don’t hesitate to send me topics you’d like me to write about.

Well, I’m off to run 2 miles with Neal before the work day starts and then tonight I’m going to a crocheting class with Liz! I can not wait to tell y’all all about it!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and as always, thank you for reading Coffee Cake and Cardio!


6 Responses

  1. I think the hardest thing for me, and yet the most important thing too, is to not let occasional overindulgence get you down mentally. My big “problem” food is tortilla chips – I keep them out of my house unless I’m hosting a party, but on more than one occasion I’ve gone way overboard at a Mexican restaurant or at someone else’s house. The key is to not beat yourself up, but just to say “ok, that wasn’t supposed to happen – I’m going to make sure I do better at my next meal/tomorrow/next party, etc.” At that point the food has been eaten, so there is no sense getting upset over what can’t be undone. It’s hard, but it’s important not to let being healthy make you angry at yourself.

  2. Ashley! I just found your blog for the first time – love it! I too used to be addicted to Lucky Charms…sigh. I’d eat it for dinner sometimes – so not healthy, haha. I’m looking forward to future posts!

  3. Counting calories has always worked for me but it’s something that I rarely stick to. I used myfitnesspal.com before and really liked it.

  4. Hey! I’m glad that the rest of your day went sucessfully! I think that binges/overeating moments are great learning experiences. I really like Holly’s comment too because there have been moments where I’ve spent minutes (if not hours) berating myself about a food choice. And that’s really ridiculous! Have fun a crocheting class tonight 🙂

  5. Counting calories is so hard at the beginning. I think you’re doing great! Just keep learning about all your favorites and you’ll be back on track in no time!

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