A Little Punkin’ In My Life

After Iowa lost to Iowa State yesterday afternoon, Neal and I just had to get out of the house.  After an impromptu haircut for Neal, I convinced Neal to go see Contagion with me.

I’m going to give it 4.5/5 stars!  I thought it was a really good movie and gets you thinking about if a breakout where to occur.  I thought the movie was realistic and had just the right amount of suspense.

After the movie we went to one of our favorite restaurants, Lost Dog Cafe.  This restaurant has an extremely unique menu, featuring tons of sandwiches and some of the best pizzas in DC!  They also have a wicked good beer selection, both on tap and bottled. The Lost Dog Cafe is also where Neal and I went on our second date, so it holds a place not only in our stomachs but also in our hearts!

When I saw these little beauties staring at me from the beer case I knew what I was ordering…

As they had Dogfish Head Punkin Ale on tap, I opted for an ice cold glass and bought a 4 pack to take home.

Neal and I ordered a Greek salad to start

and The Italian Pie for dinner.  I really prefer cheese or veggie pizzas, but I thought I’d compromise and get a meat pizza to split with Neal.  Oh the sacrifices we make for our partners.

The pizza was fantastic actually, topped with homemade tomato sauce, genoa salami, hickory ham, pepperoni and sliced onions covered with mozzarella cheese and a pinch of oregano.  Neal picked well and I was thrilled that it wasn’t overly greasy!  My favorite pizza of theirs is the tomato and feta pie.

For a spontaneous date night, we did really well and had a fantastic time!  I was home around 10PM, asleep by 11:30PM and woke up at 7:30AM on the dot.  I felt GREAT this morning!  I felt well rested and ready to enjoy a beautiful Sunday!

This morning Neal and I met up for our weekly long run.  We’re in the beginning stages of our 15K training, so although we’ve run longer distances this summer, we had 3 miles scheduled for today.

The run was actually really rough today.  It was rather hot out and Neal and I were both pooped 1.5 miles in.  I thought we were running really fast and Neal thought we had run a lot further than we actually did.  I mapped our run when we got home, just in case, and we definitely only ran 3 miles.  Granted we are run/walking on a 2:1 ratio but we were running really slow today!  After our run we walked around Old Town Alexandria and wandered over to Le Pain Quotidien.

Although this restaurant is a little more expensive, they have a wonderful menu filled with vegan, organic, and super fresh products.

I started off with a pot of coffee.  Caffeine!

and Neal started out with a Mint Lemonade.

After looking over the menu, Neal and I decided to order two things off their seasonal menu and to split them.

We ordered the Bacon, Scallion, and Sour Cream Omelet and the Whole Wheat Cherry Scone.  Both were FANTASTIC!

Neal loved the omelet and I loved the cherry scone.

After walking around the hoity toity Old Town Alexandria Arts Festival, Neal and I headed to Giant for some grocery shopping.  Now we’re watching football, I’m blogging and working on graduate work and Neal’s working on book number 3.  It has been a beautiful weekend… I’m sad to see it end.



8 Responses

  1. Look, perhaps you should let the scientists and the C.I.A. operatives pretending to be scientists be the judges of that.

  2. Pizza and beer is always so tasty. Pumpkin beer especially!

  3. Punkin Ale is my favorite seasonal beer. It makes me so happy!

  4. Punkin Ale and Pizza- sounds like my perfect meal! I went to pick up a 4-pack of it the other day and ended up buying a case. It’s not like it will go to waste!

  5. I’m about to post about pumpkin beer, too! 🙂

  6. Oh I might have to try that Lost Dog Cafe! Thanks for the rec.
    My husband loves Punkin Ale. He’s already stocking up. 🙂

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