Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich

Last night was cooked up a storm!!  All week I’ve been looking forward to trying out a new recipe and even added my own little spin to it.

The original recipe called for a pack of frozen marinated eggplant and zucchini from Trader Joe’s but instead I opted to roast my own summer squash and zucchini in the oven.

After preheating the oven to 450 degrees, I began dicing up 2 summer squash and 2 zucchini.  I considered cutting the squash into long strips but figured I could fit more on the pan if I cut it into small circles (if that makes sense).

Next I tossed the squash with a little olive oil, vegetable supreme seasoning, salt, and pepper.   After coating all of the squash, I spread it evenly on a sheet pan.

Into the oven they went for roughly 35 minutes.  While they roasted I poured myself a glass of Crispin Hard Apply Cider.

The cider was delicious but way too many calories (200 calories) for the taste.  Still it was tasty and worth the try but I don’t think an extra 20 minutes on the elliptical is worth having a glass of this…  I’d rather have a lite beer.

Before I knew it the squash was ready!

Speaking of squash, does anybody play?  I use to play squash with my coworkers at Dartmouth and LOVED it to death!  I really, really miss playing.  There are a few squash courts in DC but they’re really too far away or too expensive.  One of these days I’ll get back on the court though!

Finally it was time to assemble my sandwich.  I started out with a challah roll and then layered it with roasted garlic hummus, my roasted veggies, and Mediterranean seasoned feta cheese.  It was a beaut!

I’m looking forward to making a sandwich today for lunch with the leftover squash and am thinking of adding a little balsamic dressing to the veggies before adding them to my sandwich.  Last night’s sandwich could have used a little vinegar and probably less bread.

This morning I am off to spin to make up for Tuesday’s missed workout.  On Thursday’s we have the hot instructor who plays rap music so I’m stoked!  I also went to bed last night by 9:30PM, so I’m feeling great!  To cap off the rockin’ morning, I’m grabbing a starbucks coffee with a free coupon I have.  It’s going to be a great day… it just has to be with this kind of morning!

Tonight I’m having Neal, Liz, and Matt over for Taco Soup and board games!  I’m really looking forward to hanging out and being with friends.

What is your favorite kind of sandwich?  Do share the recipe if you have it!




13 Responses

  1. I adore any kind of sandwich really. They are one of my fave foods! Ones with grilled or roasted veggies especially top the list. 🙂

    And I now want an apple cider and it’s only 6:30 am. LOL

  2. Yum! I love roast veggies, but I haven’t tried roast summer squash yet. I have had zucchini raw on a sandwich with hummus though. That was quick n’ easy!

  3. You had me at mediterranean and sealed the deal with the Crispin!! We had a Microfestivus down here a few weekends ago and I had my first Crispin… as a Woodchuck girl through and through, I almost felt like I was cheating on a lover… but now I’ve found a new love. I love love love Crispin!!! 🙂 What a dinner! Invite me over any time!

  4. That looks delicious. I will have to try it. Thanks for posting!

  5. i really like getting some delicious chewy/crusty bread and making a grilled cheese/panini with cheddar cheese, suuuuper thin-sliced apples (grannies or golden delicious are my faves in here), and turkey inside. a little sprinkle of s+p on the turkey + anything else you like (sometimes i see people like to put a tiny shmear of mayo in there too but i am anti-mayo) and grill away! so tasty.

  6. This looks yummy! I’m boring with sandwiches. My favorite sandwich is toasted light whole wheat bread, lean turkey, mustard, romaine, and sliced tomatoes. Boring yet delicious!

    Hot instructor=more motivation to go to the gym!

  7. I love love veggie sandwiches, especially painis. I do things like this all the time. Usually I just grill the veggies and put them on a sandwich with fresh mozzeralla balls and pesto and then let the panini maker go to work. yum!

  8. My favorite sandwich is grilled sharp cheddar with dried figs, arugula and some onion jam. Kind of a special treat, but totally worth it!

  9. Ever since I saw that this was on your menu for the week, I’ve been waiting for you to post the recipe. I can’t wait to try this! Thanks!

  10. […] one new recipe each week — Week 1 Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich, Week 2 Mexican Turkey Meatloaf, Week 3 Buffalo Chicken Pasta Bake, […]

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