A Rainy Gameday

Saturday Recap

After rolling out of bed this morning at 8AM, I joined Neal and his parents for breakfast at a new restaurant in town.   I had ever intention of going for a run this morning, but when my alarm went off at 6:30AM I had a terrible headache.  I’m sure the run would have done me good, but I took some advil and slept a little longer.

The restaurant we went to had just about largest breakfast menu I’d ever seen, but I knew I’d need something hearty to tie me over for the University of Iowa vs. Tennessee Tech football game.  For breakfast I ordered a vegetable and ham scramble which included mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, and ham.  Instead of toast I ordered an English muffin on the side, which was delicious!  With a hearty breakfast an a few cups of coffee in my belly, I was ready to hit the road with Neal.

Now I knew there was a chance of rain today, but Neal and I weren’t expecting severe thunderstorms and downpours.  It was pouring when we hit the road… which wasn’t ideal for an football game.

When Neal and I arrived in Iowa City, there were swarms of people walking towards the stadium in their ponchos.  There were also plenty of people braving the elements and just wearing their hawkeye attire. We were in an absolute downpour on our way to the stadium and it continued as we found our seats.

As the rains let up towards the end of the second quarter, I snapped a few quick pictures of Kinnick Stadium.  I love watching Iowa games each weekend, but there’s just something special about being at the game with Neal.  To hear the cheers, to see the crowds, and to watch the swarms of people in black and gold is just thrilling… and Neal is always super happy.

We made it through half time without any rain, but within minutes of the third quarter starting the rains returned.  Now we thought it was pouring in the first half, but nothing will compare to the rain that came down during the third quarter.  The rain was cold and it hit you like a paint ball.  The stadium also became very dark and I just knew a serve thunderstorm was upon us.  About 10 minutes later the referees called for a delay of game due to lightening, so we headed to the stadium concourse.

Neal and I waited out the rain for about 40 minutes before deciding to head on home.  Although we wanted to see the last quarter, we were soaking wet and I was freezing.

Iowa did resume play about 30 minutes later and beat Tennessee Tech 34-7!!  Although the rain wasn’t ideal, it was a really fun game and Iowa looked great!  I also had a wonderful time with Neal and really treasured that time with him.

Sunday Funday

Tomorrow is our last full day in Iowa and although I hope to relax, I do have a little to do list…

  1. 3 mile run with Neal
  2. Graduate homework
  3. Workout planning for next week
  4. Meal planning for next week
  5. Organize graduate work for next week

Thrilling, I know, but I’ll feel so much better going into the week if I have everything organized.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday!

Is there anything y’all would like me to blog about now that you’ve been able to get to know me a little bit?


8 Responses

  1. I love you and I’m glad that you guys are having a great time. I love your blog and I’m glad that you found something that you really enjoy putting your extra effort and time into.

  2. I’m glad I just stumbled across your blog. Looking good!

  3. I have had a similar sunday to you and have accomplished points 2, 3 and 4! I am settling down to some trashy tv which is a perfect end to a productive sunday! good luck with the rest of your points!

  4. […] class yesterday morning, I headed into work at 6AM to get a jump start on the day.  Having been in Iowa for 5 days, I wanted to make sure I was organized before kicking off a new work week.  I don’t regret […]

  5. […] Went to Neal’s book signing in Iowa and the opening Iowa football game […]

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