Finding the “PLUS” in Plus sized

Good morning and hello from Iowa!!

My time here has been absolutely wonderful.  After a day of traveling and book research on Wednesday, I took advantage of Thursday and totally relaxed!  I went to breakfast with Neal’s parents, went shopping on main street, bought two new books (book 1/book 2), looked through book 1, took a 3 hour nap (woop woop), went to spin, got cleaned up, went to dinner with Neal and his family, and then relaxed with Neal as we watched some football!  It was a wonderful day!

The only part of the day that was a little odd was my spin class.  When I arrived to the class there was a pretty good grouping of women.  They were all shapes and sizes, which made me really comfortable.  When I go to spin in DC, I am the largest person there by far!

I stood there waiting for the instructor to arrive, but then one of the women in the waiting room put on the mic set.  Now this is going to seem like an odd comment, but just go with me please, but I was shocked to see a “plus sized” instructor.  I was so excited to see an instructor who had a little meat on her bones.  Seeing her made me think, “why can’t I become an instructor?”.  The truth is, I don’t know if the gyms in DC would ever higher a “plus sized” instructor.

Seeing the “plus sized” instructor made me think about Adele, for whatever reason.  Adele is such an incredible artist.  Every time I listen to her new album I am just amazed by the power in her voice and in her lyrics.  On top of that, Adele is “plus sized”.

I just think Adele is gorgeous and I love that she has a little meat on her bones.  I had heard rumors that she was told to lose weight and that just made me sad… she is beautiful and should only lose weight if she wants to.  This got me thinking about why I strive to lose weight and to be fit.

Adele also has a wonderful personality.  It’s so funny to hear her talk about her ex boyfriends.  She makes me want to yell out “you go girl!”.

When I was younger I just wanted to be skinny… society’s vision of skinny!  I wanted to go into a store and to know that I would find my size and be excited to go shopping with my friends.  I wanted to be free from the chains of food and enjoy exercising every day.

I want to be is shape so that I can feel great and live a long and healthy life.  I want to develop habits that will last a life time, habits that I can pass along to my kids and share with others along the way.  I want to be great in my own body, to be at my “feel good weight” again!

As I prepped my bike in yesterday’s spin class, I felt great.  I thought about my fitness and how hard I am on myself (not a good thing).  As the class began I watched as the women around me started to jibber jabber, not focusing on the work out at all.  I swear, but the class gossiped through the entire class.  It was the oddest thing.  The class really showed me that I need to be proud of myself.  I may weight more than 200 pounds, but I’m in good shape and I put forth all of my energy when I work out!

My goal is to be more confident in who I am and to be more comfortable in my own skin!  Comparing myself to others doesn’t benefit me, especially when I live in such a healthy city.  EveryBODY is different and I need to focus on Ashley, not on anyone else!

Today, Neal and I are off to Fry Fest for his book signing!  I am so proud of him and can’t wait to share about the day tomorrow!

Happy Friday everyone!!!


4 Responses

  1. You know, i love this. It is exactly how I would feel in your biking shoes. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and putting it out there.

    I think you’d be a great instrutor, btw!

  2. This is great.I love this. you cannot compare!! It is useless and not worth it. Being happy and healthy and beautiful in your own body is most important and you have got that in my view lady!

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