The Downside to an Oversized Bag

It’s FRIDAY!! but first… a Wednesday Night Recap 

Wednesday night Neal and I met up to see the Washington Nationals play the Cincinnati Reds at Nationals Park.  I love going to baseball games.  3 years ago I bought season tickets to the Nationals and was a ticket holder for two years.  I decided not to renew this past year, as graduate school tends to take up most of my free evenings.  Next year is a different story though!  To me, watching baseball is the perfect way to spend a summer night.

Neal and I also love date nights at the ballpark because it’s where we had our first date!

The best part only downside to the ballpark is the fattening food.  Instead of being tempted by the hotdogs, fries, and ice cream I decided to pack my dinner and bring it to the ballgame.  Wednesday morning I made a sandwich, packed some grapes, and a diet cream soda… I was set!

gym bag

As I workout before work most days, I pack my Vera Bradley tote each morning with my work clothes, toiletries, lunch bag, and purse (pretty much it’s my bag to carry my bags)…so when I went to the game Wednesday night my tote came with me.  For the first time ever, I was told my bag was too large to bring into the park so I ended up checking my bag at guest services.  I totally could have taken my lunch bag out of my tote but I was too embarrassed to carry my lunch bag around the park.  Instead, I had a hotdog and shared some fries with Neal.  Probably not the best decision.

Evil fries!

Neal was pretty happy though!

Although the Nationals lost, we had a wonderful time at the ballpark!

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This weekend, Neal and I are traveling up to Philadelphia so that I can attend the Healthy Living Summit!  I didn’t think I was going to be able to attend, but then someone who was unable to attend offered to sell me her ticket.   Although I’m sad she couldn’t attend, I am so excited to be attending this summit.

Philly July 2010

I am looking forward to meeting some fellow bloggers, to learning from some of the best, and to listening to some amazing quest speakers!  I will strive to blog as much as possible this weekend and can’t wait to share what I have learned with everyone!

Healthy Living Summit Itinerary

  • Friday night cocktail party
  • Classes, speakers, and panels throughout the day on Saturday
  • 5K run/walk Sunday morning
  • Farewell breakfast sponsored by Quaker Sunday morning

Neal and I are also looking forward to having another ” cheesesteak challenge” while we’re in Philly.  Last year, in the Pat’s vs. Geno’s battle Pat’s  won, so this year we’re having a Pat’s vs. Tony Luke’s battle.  It’s going to be epic!

Have you been to a conference of this nature?  Do you have any advice for me?  What questions would you like me to ask while I am there?

7 Responses

  1. Never been to a conference like this. But from what I’ve read on other blogs – I think you should just enjoy the experience, meet new people and absorb what you can. Try to make it fun and not worry about attending everything.

    But what do I know? Enjoy!

  2. Tony Lukes all the way!!!! My name is Marisa- I’m a reader and will be at HLS this weekend. Looking forward to meeting you!!

  3. That is how I got my ticket. Did not know I was going until yesterday, go figure! Excited to meet u and then I will be in dc labornday and marines Corp weekend in october

  4. So fun!!! Excited to meet you this weekend:)

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