The Crazy Commute

Today started out like any other Monday, sleep deprived and in urgent need of some coffee.  I managed to roll out of bed at 5:30AM, keeping my promise to stick to my weekly plan!  With an iced coffee in one hand and a 30 pound bag over my shoulder, I made it to the door by 6:10AM.  I was ready for my workout and the work day ahead of me!

Ready for a good workout! Clearly I need to wake up!

On my way to the metro I checked out the twitter feeds about WMATA as I do every morning.  Today, the blue and yellow were closed down between Braddock Road and Reagan Airport, which as a daily commuter means possible chaos!  As the metro rails were flooded at Potomac Yard, metro riders were forced to get off at Braddock Road and take a shuttle to the airport to continue their trip into downtown Washington, DC.

Taken at 6:54AM at Braddock Road

As I walked out of the station I embarked upon a sea of commuters.  The crowds were calm but there was a lot of confusion.  Where were all the shuttles?

While waiting for a shuttle I began tweeting up at storm (@coffeeckecardio).  I think it’s important to update the community of what’s going on and to help my fellow metro riders!  It’s also fun connecting with other people on twitter and having the ability to share our experiences.

47 minutes later (I had my heart rate monitor on for my workout, so I went ahead and started my stop watch) I was on a shuttle bus to Reagan Airport.

By the time I left the station, the crowd was back up into the Braddock Road station— Insane.  I was on the shuttle for about 15 minutes before arriving at Reagan Airport.  When we arrived there were 3 empty buses sitting at the station.  OK— is it just me or are more shuttles needed at Braddock Road????  Maybe I should work for WMATA.

While waiting for the yellow line at Reagan, I received an e-mail from 94.7 Fresh FM’s DJ Kelly Collis asking to call the radio station to update them on my travels and experience during the morning commute.  I was happy to call the station, LOVE them, and had an awesome interview with Kelly.  The interview aired about 35 or so minutes later.  My photos were even used by the local TV stations, which is awesome!

2 hours and 15 minutes later I was sitting at my desk.  WHAT. A. COMMUTE!

The work day was great and I even interviewed with the Washington Post about my commute over lunch and was quoted in an article this evening.

Tonight I’m making home made pizza, topped with chicken italian sausage and am enjoying a nice glass of fruity wine!

Sparkling wine ($4.99 at Trader Joes) with a little frozen peach puree

Happy Gal!

Today was crazy, fun, wild, tiring, and thrilling but I’m looking forward to making pizza with Neal and getting up for spin tomorrow morning.  Lets hope that I make it to the gym this time!

What’s the worst commute you’ve ever had?  How did you celebrate making it through?


10 Responses

  1. I think my worst commute was navigating the Red Line on the day of the big collision in 2009. Metro was of course no help with their “mechanical problems” message that, while technically accurate (the systems weren’t working on those cars, after all) didn’t convey the sense of seriousness that “FATAL TRAIN COLLISION” might have conveyed.

    My experience from that is chronicled here:

    I was just glad to be home, and messaged a lot of people back telling them that I was okay, and thanking them for their concern.

  2. omgosh that’s horrible! How frustrating!

  3. wow what a hectic day! So awesome that you were interviewed and they used your photos, though! My only rough “commute” was driving to where I was student teaching through snow storms every morning for about a week. But that’s my own fault for moving to upstate ny 🙂

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  5. Ca-razy crowds!!

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