Mentally Defeated

Yesterday I read an amazing post by Beth on Beth’s Journey.  On Saturday she set out to run 12 miles but faced a lot of obstacles along the way.  Her post was so incredibly motivating to me, as she looked each obstacle in the face and conquered it mentally and physically.

All too often I talk myself out of working out before work or stinking to my eating plan. Beth’s article left me thinking about my goals and how different my fitness and diet success would be if I learn to conquer my thoughts.

Two examples of being mentally defeated were played out this past week:

  • Wednesday night I prepped for my Thursday morning spin class.  I laid out my gym clothes and packed my work clothes and lunch for the next day.  All I had to do was wake up Thursday morning, brush my teeth, wash my face, get into my gym clothes, grab a little bit to eat, and head off to the metro.  Instead, I got out of bed, headed strait to the kitchen, poured a bowl of cereal, and sat down in the living room.  After finishing my cereal I thought about how tired I was, thus beginning my mental battle of whether or not to go to the gym before work.  I thought about how difficult spin is on Thursdays and how it would leave me feeling drained half way through the day.  On the other hand my goal was to get back on track after vacationing and to return to a healthy lifestyle.  Within a few seconds I was climbing back into bed, once again being mentally defeated and not following through with my fitness goals.
  • Going into the weekend I thought about all of the amazing workouts I could do and the various gym classes I could try out.  I looked up classes and made a plan to workout Saturday morning and Sunday morning.  On Saturday morning I woke up at 7:30AM, blogged, cleaned up around the house, got into my gym clothes, and headed to my eye appointment.  At my eye appointment I ended up having to get my eyes dilated, so instead of heading to the gym after my appointment I talked myself into just going home.  Why didn’t I just go to the gym?  Who cares if I’m on the elliptical with sunglasses on?  Once again, I talked myself out of working out.

I don’t want to talk myself out of things anymore.  I love organizing my week and planning things out, but what good is a plan if you don’t stick to it?  As this is my last week before I start graduate classes again, I really need to get back into my routine.  So what changes can I make?

  1. Continue to lay out my clothes the night before
  2. Pack my lunch the night before
  3. Move my alarm clock to the other side of my room
  4. Go to bed by 10PM as I need to get up by 5:30AM
  5. Leave my bedroom as soon as possible
  6. Make plans to workout with friends/Neal on weekends.

Beth is an amazing inspiration.  I’m so grateful that she’s got me thinking… but I’ve got to make some changes.

This morning, I AM going to spin class!

How do you defeat your negative thoughts and keep yourself from turning away from your goals?


2 Responses

  1. This is such a challenge. Mantras work…most of the time for me! But I swear…the prep work (of workouts and eating healthy) is the hardest part!

  2. […] turned out to be a fantastic day!  Now if you read yesterday’s post about being mentally defeated, my plan was to go to spin this morning… but when my alarm went off I decided a good nights […]

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