5 Hours of Thinking

When I was flying to Las Vegas on Friday, I had 7 hours to do some thinking.  Thinking can be my worst enemy some times, when I over think, but having some time to think of Friday was really beneficial for me.  Thinking is good… but you’ve got to do something with it!

As I move into the next chapter of my life (new job, last year of grad school) I’ve been thinking a lot about my health, my weight, and my weekly routine.  I’m so grateful to have lost 50 pounds back in 06-07 and would really like to work to lose another 20-30 pounds and to take my fitness to another level.

Oh yeah! My head on Fergie's body

This summer I have done a scaleless summer.  A time in which I stay away from the scale, focusing more on how I feel, how my clothes fit, and what my body looks like.  The summer has been really good, but the past two weeks have been a little rough.  Being on vacation in Florida, eating out 7 out of 15 meals last week, and then being in Las Vegas this weekend has left me feeling bloated and sluggish.  I need a detox and I need to return to my healthy living routine!

  1. First things first, I need to figure out a healthy way to detox.  I’ve been thinking about Whole Living’s Healthy Detox. I’m thinking of detoxing the week of August 15-21.
  2. “Detox” my pantry and fridge.  I’ve got a lot processed foods in my kitchen these days.  When I lost the 50 lbs, I hardly ate any processed foods and I felt GREAT!
  3. Start cooking again.  I found some awesome recipes that I’m really wanting to try.  With the cool weather comes the desire to cook!
  4. Take a look at my weekly workout plan and integrate in a set weight lifting plan.
  5. Design a weight lifting plan (look over my powerlifting programs from high school and my weight lifting workouts from college–I’ve got a lot of great workouts to utilize)
  6. Plan Neal’s and my training program for the Hot Chocolate 15K we’re running in December.  I’m also thinking about signing up for the Wicked 10K in Virginia Beach … just need to convince Neal to sign up for it too
  7. Make a list of fall to dos!  Wizard and I have a few fun things on the docket and I want to add a few more.  I love having things to look forward to.  There are also some awesome TV shows I want to watch this fall.  Neal’s DVR is going to be pimpin

The way I’m feeling right now, it would be really easy to get discouraged and to continue digging a hole but it doesn’t have to be that way.  I can be thankful for my vacations and for my last week in my old job and just move on.  Next week is going to be great, as I start my new job and settle back into my apartment.  I’m excited to get back to the gym and to have a fresh start. Life. Is. Good.

What are you thinking about these days?


One Response

  1. I hear you, I gained 9 lbs since April, due to multiple vacations, relaxed eating and a decrease in nursing my baby :-(. You can basically sit there and be mad and not fix the problem, or get that awesome,satisfied feeling you get when you are making positive changes.

    If you are looking for a way to detox without deprivation, I would suggest a clean eating vegan diet for a week or two…you’ll feel amazing!

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