Vegas Recap

Las Vegas loves em’ some locals just as much as they love tourists!

This weekend was perfect.  Late night runs to Walmart, frozen yogurt, plenty of rest, blogging, a little home cooking for my brother, The Change Up, a little gambling, laying out pool side, In-N-Out Burger, and lots of laughs!

On our way to see The Change Up (please ignore my poofy hair)

Saturday and Sunday were a lot of fun but we didn’t end up going down to the strip.  I know, who goes to Vegas and doesn’t go down to the strip?  To me, spending time with my brother was perfect and I know I’ll be back in Vegas some time soon!

A glorious In-N-Out Burger!!!

Next time I’m totally bringing Neal and I think a night or two on the strip would be a lot of fun.  For now though, a weekend in Las Vegas with the locals is just what I needed.

The beautiful mountains in Las Vegas (and my brother's dream car)

Now it’s back to DC to prep for my first week in my new job.  I’m also looking forward to getting back to the gym and eating some healthy food.  Exercising and vegetables were not a part of my life the past three days, so I’m really looking forward to reuniting with them 😉

My super sweaty back after a spin class a few weeks ago

Oh how I need some spin in my life 😉

After being on vacation, what do you most look forward to as you return home?


4 Responses

  1. Being all unpacked, and getting back to making my own meals (or at least, healthier meals if I was cooking!) and back to the gym.

    I tried to do a bit of activity on my vacation, but other than one 8km walk and trudging up and down the same hill about 50 times, no go. Tomorrow is gym day for sure!

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