Change Up: Las Vegas Style

Today’s my second day in Las Vegas.  Woop Woop!

Paul and I were going to go out last night, but I was knocked out on the couch by 11PM (2AM DC time).  Paul has been super chill with me, so we just decided to go out today instead.  I adore my family and am just so happy and content hanging out with my brother!  I’m really grateful to be here.

Paul and I when we were kids. I decided to cut my bangs and Paul decided to cover his face in Vaseline. Classic!!

This morning I thought I’d play big sister and grab a few things at Walmart for my brother.  While I was there I saw Rice Krispy Treats cereal… Neal’s FAVORITE!!

Paul was SUPER jealous, so be bribed me for a box.  I gave in.

I then came home and made Paul burgers, baked beans, and tator tots.  His first home cooked meal in almost 3 months.  Now we’re off to watch the Change Up!! Tonight, it’s time to go down to the strip… I CAN NOT WAIT!!

What are you doing this Sunday?


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  1. […] and Sunday were a lot of fun but we didn’t end up going down to the strip.  I know, who goes to Vegas […]

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