Prenatal Vitamins

Ok, it’s not what you think.  I am NOT pregnant, but this morning on the Hot 99.5 a guy stopped calling a girl he was dating because he found prenatal vitamins in her medicine cabinet.  He thought she was purposely trying to get pregnant by him, so he just stopped calling her (such a guy).  Come to find out, she was only taking the vitamins because they are great for hair growth and strong nails.


Does anyone here take prenatal vitamins for this reason? 

I often find myself on vitamin kicks.  I’ll be really good about taking a multivitamin each month until I forget to take it with food and I get sick.  When will I learn? 😉 I’ve also been on various vitamin cocktails, taking various vitamins for various reasons.

What other vitamins do you take? 

It’s hard to tell if vitamins make a difference daily, but I’m starting to think that I should be better about taking vitamins as they may have a long lasting affect on ones health.  Now I don’t know if I’m going to run out and buy prenatal vitamins, but today’s radio show got me thinking.

What research do you do before taking vitamins?


3 Responses

  1. hey there! I don’t take vitamins really but I do take a joint supplement because I’ve torn my knees up more than I’d like to have at age 28! I like the idea though, on occasion if I know I haven’t gotten a certain one in awhile- I will take something.

    I’m not gonna lie- my first thought was “oh cool she must be preggers”

  2. No I don’t but it’s a good idea!!

  3. I take an iron supplement. While I don’t feel tired or have any of the normal symptoms of low iron, having low iron means I can’t give blood which drives me up the wall! Research? I went to see my doctor who recommended it. The downside? It hasn’t actually made a huge difference to my iron levels, in me anyways…

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