Goodbye July, Hello August

I love setting monthly goals.  It gives me something to focus on throughout the month and something to look back on when the month is over.  I’m pretty sure I was 5 days into July before I realized it was already July, so I didn’t make any goals for the month of July– sadness.  July was a tad stressful and although I wish I had taken my stress to the gym a bit more often, I know I can learn a lot from last month. Here are some of July’s highlights…

Notepad says "I'm going to accept the job"

  • I interviewed for a new job at the beginning of the month and was offered the position at the end of the month!! Yay!
  • I went on a beautiful vacation to Florida with Neal to celebrate our 2 year anniversary and to visit my Grandpa
  • I continued my scaleless summer
  • I finished 2 more graduate classes for my masters degree!! 4 more classes to go

At the beach in Stuart, FL

August Goals

1.  Get back into my normal morning routine.  I have been a snoozing queen this past month and I’ve got to nip that habit.

2.  Go to spin class every Tuesday and Thursday

3.  Create a 15 K training program for Neal and I

4.  Enjoy my three weeks off from graduate school

5.  Begin integrating weight lifting into my weekly routine (blog about my plan)

August is going to be a hot nice month; a nice balance of time off (visiting my brother in Las Vegas), starting a new job, and beginning the fall semester for grad school.


2 Responses

  1. Excellent idea to set some goals! I’ve not been hitting the gym recently and hitting the gin instead so i’d best get my ass into gear. Great blog!

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