A Week of Food

Do you ever have weeks that are just full of eating out?  Well that is the week I have ahead of me.



Monday Lunch with new boss at Chef Geoff’s Bible Study (munchies)
Tuesday Lunch with current co-workers at Chipotle Dinner with Neal’s sister in Annapolis
Wednesday Lunch with Felanie (co-worker) at Bambu Dinner with Becky at The Tackle Box
Thursday No lunch plans (yet) Dinner with Randy at Guapos
Friday Goodbye lunch with current staff at Cactus Cantina Leave for Las Vegas

This is my last week at my current job, so the week is full of goodbye meals.  In addition, it’s my first week of summer vacation from graduate school, so I’m lining up outings with friends.  It’s going to be a great week… but how do I avoid gaining 5-10 pounds?

  1. Workout!  Working out this week is going to be key.  My goal this week is not to lose weight, but rather to avoid gaining weight.  My plan is to workout each morning this week before work, burning 500-1000 calories each session.  I know, 1000 calories is a but much, but that’s how much I burn during spin classes.  Spin is such an amazing workout, and although some times I have to fight to keep my head in the game, I always leave the class feeling great.  I’ll be going to spin this Tuesday and Thursday morning for sure!
  2. Plan out my meals ahead of time.  As each restaurant I’m going to has a menu online, I can take some time to plan out my meals and to create a balanced diet for the day.  Although burritos at Chipotle are awesome, eating 1200 calories at lunch followed by dinner in Annapolis, MD probably wouldn’t be a good idea.  Instead I’ll have a bowl and forgo the 400+ calorie tortilla.
  3. Drink lots of water.  Water is so beneficial for our diets! It helps our metabolism and our body in so many ways.
  4. Use moderation!  I’m still working on this… but I could totally just eat half of what I order or stop halfway through each meal.  It’s so easy for me to just keep eating, but if I really listen to my body I know I can leave a fair amount of food on my plate.  
  5. Don’t be too hard on myself.  I want to enjoy this week!!

How do you approach weeks like this?


One Response

  1. I try to limit how often I eat out but once in awhile there’s things out of my control. For example, the boyfriend’s parents are coming into town from Texas and so we’ll go out to dinner three nights in a row! It’s rather stressful for me because I struggle to make good choices at restaurants.

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