Match vs. eHarmony

Back in 2009 I figured I’d give online dating a try.  I didn’t know what to expect, but decided to join both Match and eHarmony.  It was a little nerve racking setting up a profile but I stayed true to who I was and posted a few current photos.  Match and eHarmony are extremely different.  Match allows you to search through others profiles and to contact individuals as you’d wish.  eHarmony on the other hand does not allow you to search others’ profiles but instead sends you a list of matches based on your profile.

I gave both websites a try, but I personally liked match as it gave me the ability to search others’ profiles and vice versa.  I start out going on about a date a week; grabbing coffee, a light meal, etc. with various guys I had met on match.  A few weeks later though I realized, it’s silly to e-mail with someone you met online for 4 weeks only to find out your have zero chemistry.  After a number of awkward dates I decided that going on dates sooner than later was a lot more beneficial for me.   Trust me, you either have chemistry or you don’t, why postpone reality?

I did go on 1 date through eHarmony but let me tell you, 2 months of going through the eHarmony system and e-mailing back and forth was not worth it.  Again, you either have chemistry or you don’t… meeting in person is so beneficial!

Online dating is fantastic in my opinion.  Living in DC is a lot of fun, but surprisingly it can be a tough place to date.  Match and eHarmony bring people together who are all interested in going on dates.  Now of course, you’ve got to be careful!!  I always went on dates during the day, in a public place, and told my friends and family where I was going.  If someone was sketchy— I was out!!

In the end, match changed my life… but I’ll have to tell you about that tomorrow.

Have you ever tried online dating? 


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