Iced Coffee Heaven

I love coffee and am currently on my iced coffee kick. In an effort to save money, I’ve been brewing coffee at home, keeping it cool in the fridge, and then pouring it over ice before heading out the door each morning.

Pitcher, Keurig, Brita Water Filter, and Coffee Pods

I’ve been tempted to bring my Keurig to work, but for now, having it at home has worked well for me!

My Keurig

After brewing a cup of coffee, I pour the cup into a fun pitcher and repeat the brewing process.

yumm yumm

When the pitcher is full (about 5 cups) I throw it in the fridge to chill.

By making iced coffee at home, I am saving myself a little more than $2 a cup!!  Each coffee pod costs .44 cents and each serving of creamer is about .20 cents.  So I am having an iced coffee at home for roughly .64 cents compared to my iced coffee at Starbucks which costs $2.80.  That is so worth the “hassle”.

Today I even brought a second helping of coffee to work in a thermos!  I slept horrible last night, so 2 servings of coffee was totally in order this morning.  This is my last full week of graduate school for the summer and have been pretty busy working to get it all done.  Crunch time is always the most stressful for me, but in the end it’s always worth it!!

It has also been an emotional month for me so far.  Lots on the docket and with my Grandmother passing, this month has had its ups and downs.  Sunday morning though, my BF and I took our stresses to the trail and ran 5.8 miles.  It was an awesome run, though the sun was blazin’!  We ran from our apartment over the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and back.  It was great!!  Isn’t it amazing how working out can just change your day and how you feel?

What things do you do at home to save money?  Any tips?


2 Responses

  1. Good idea, Starbucks is a rip off!!!!!!!!!!
    I bring my lunch to work… The cafe here is also a rip off!


  2. We love our Keurig. We’ve made iced coffee & iced tea with it. Great job saving money.

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