Hello Appetite

Having been sick since Wednesday night, I finally started to get my appetite back last night.  I didn’t want to push it too far, so I just stuck to chicken noodle soup and saltine crackers.  It was nice to finally eat something but I was SO ready for some real food.  Last night I swear I dreamed of pancakes all night… so first thing this morning, I made pancakes!

My Mom works at Williams-Sonoma, so she’s always sending me treats from the store (as you can see by my pantry).  I busted out the “Flappin Jack” pancake mix and the blueberry flaxseed I bought at Trader Joe’s and wipped up some yummy pancakes.

Today’s breakfast totally hit the spot and I’m SOOOO happy to be feeling better…. now I’ve just got to get out of this house!  I don’t know about you, but I just can’t stand to sit around the house for too long.  2 days at home is a bit much for me, granted I was sick, but still.  When we were cooped up for a week due to Snowmageddon I couldn’t wait to get out of the house!

So what to do today??  I’m thinking a pedicure, the GAP, and maybe the farmers market.

Do you like sitting at home or do you get cabin fever?


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