So I’m at home today… sick as a dog.  I have the stomach flu or some sort of bug, which is  NO FUN AT ALL!  I started feeling sick Wednesday night and then was feeling really weird most of the day yesterday.  I left work around 2PM and have been sick-sick ever since.  I finally made it out to the store a little bit ago to buy myself a “get better kit”.

There never is a good time to get sick, but I am so bummed to be sick right now.  My BF is out of town and then on top of that I had some really fun plans for tonight and this weekend.  You’d think I’d use the time to do homework, but I seem to just want to sleep.  Hopefully it’s just a 24 hour thing that way I can take advantage of the weekend!

What’s in your “get better kit”? 



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  1. […] the home front, I’m still not feeling too hot.  Boooo.  My mom said that it can take some time for your body’s Ph levels to balance out […]

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