Smokey Bacon Aioli!!

What a morning!  I knew something was up when I woke up feeling rested and low and behold it was 9:08AM.  I had slept through both of my alarms!  I love hate it when that happens!

So last night my BF and I went to the Nationals game.  I absolutely love this ballpark and it’s so great having baseball in Washington, DC.  If you ever visit DC, you have to come to a game at Nats Park.

Nationals Park

As games rarely sell out, my BF and I bought our tickets that day.

Waiting in line

We purchased $10 tickets and made our way into the ballpark.

I actually use to be a season ticket holder (holding off this year due to grad school).  I loved having a set schedule of games to attend and have “my seat”.  There are a lot of perks to being a season ticket holder and I look forward to being one again!

Last night’s game was really exciting as the Nats have been out of town for a few weeks.  We were also looking forward to the new restaurants on the Miller Lite Scoreboard Walk.  The restaurants included Blue Smoke, Box Frites, and the Shake Shack.  I of course made my way to the Box Frites stand as there is nothing better than a good box of fries.

I ordered us a large box of fries with two dipping sauces, Chipotle Ketchup and the Smokey Bacon Aioli.

The fries rocked and the Smokey Bacon Aioli was the CLEAR winner!  Next time I definitely want to try the Ballpark Mayo and the Rosemary Ranch.  Yumm Yumm!  The game was also fantastic!  The Nats were down 1-6 and we came back to win it 8-6 in the bottom of the 7th.   It was an awesome rally to win!!!  My BF and I also moved down a “few” rows to get a better view of the field.

The fans behind us were super rowdy and we moved just in time to see the Nats come back to win the game.  We had a wonderful evening and a fun metro ride back home.

Now like I said, today has started off weird.  I overslept, got into work late, and have been go, go, go since arriving.  Things have been so crazy these days with work picking up, taking 2 grad classes, and trying to enjoy the summer.  All the to-dos have keep me up at night, so that’s probably why I overslept this morning.  I’m definitely going to need to get some good sleep this weekend.  I’ve just got to get ahead of everything.  The worst is when you feel like life is pulling you.  I’m not there yet, so that’s why I’ve got to get ahead of everything going on right now.

Website Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!!

Any sports fans out there?  What’s your favorite sport?


2 Responses

  1. It has been so long since I’ve been to a baseball game. They sure are fun though! Looks like a great time. Love your goofy, fun pictures together.

  2. […] summer so far has also been filled with lots of outings (Nationals games, Farmers Markets, date nights) and lots of yummy meals out.  Moderation has really been key when […]

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