Starting your day early = awesomeness!

Oh how painful it is to get up at 7AM when you went to bed only 5 hours before!  Babysitting last night was awesome and though I really wasn’t too tired at the time, getting home at 1:30AM was kinda rough.  Still, my BF and I fought the urge to sleep in and prepared ourselves for a morning of awesomeness.

We were ready to go!

but this is how we really felt

Today we drove over to Del Ray.  I seriously love this area and would live there in a heart beat if it was metro accessible.  Once in Del Ray, we parked our car, stretched and headed out on the 4 Mile Run trail. We jogged out on the trail for about 10 minutes and then started to do 60 second sprint intervals.  It was a really great workout!  I burned 673 calories today, which is awesome!

Farmer's Market... woop woop!

After the run we walked across the street to the 4 Mile Run Farmers market.  It was a cute farmers market but sadly didn’t have a lot of variety and no fruits 😦

He is so excited--- can't you tell?

I did have the greatest cup of iced coffee from St. Elmos Coffee Pub though!  My BF wasn’t so lucky with his smoothie from an unknown vendor… but what can you do?  I’m pretty sure it was 1 cup of ice, 1 cup of sugar and “some fruit”.  It was pretty bad.

The veggies smelled amazing!

Now by this point it was right around 9AM.  I’m still trying to convince my BF that getting up early is the key to a day of awesomeness, but he still wasn’t buying it.  To me, we had already run and shopped and it was only 9AM.  But we didn’t stop there!  What morning is complete without a Target run?

Coffee and Target... I'm in Heaven!

After Target we got my car washed (lonnnnng time coming).  I don’t think I’ve gotten my car washed since December.

She was a happy girl!

And so were we!

Our final stop for the morning (please note that it was maybe 9:45AM by this point) was to Trader Joe’s to pick up a few things for my bible study group tomorrow night.  Nothing better than Trader Joe’s cheese, crackers, and veggies!!

Oh Cheese... How I love thee!

The capstone to our morning of awesomeness was the red convertible we passed on our way home.   Happy driver and happy….


We had a wonderful morning and were home by 10:40AM.  I mean, come on, how awesome is it that by 10:40AM you can have gotten a run in, gone to the Farmer’s Market, shopped at Target, gotten your car washed, and bought groceries at TJ’s?  I tried to explain to my BF that he probably wouldn’t even be awake yet, which he proudly agreed to… so I said “see, you still have your entire day left”.  He laughed and said “Well, I’m going to go take a nap”.  And a well deserved I must say.

Well I’m off to do some reading… hopefully by the pool.  Have a wonderful Sunday!


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  1. I adore Target – it’s my favorite place to shop! And, its’ a double bonus when they have a Starbucks inside. Coffee and shopping? Yes please!

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