Coupon Thief!

I didn’t realize how badly I needed a Saturday.  It’s not to say that last week was bad but I just seemed to be emotionally and physically exhausted by the end of it.  My trip back to Texas last weekend was nice but it left me thinking about a lot of things.  I carried all of that into this past week and didn’t do the best job of dealing with everything.   I went to bed late one to many times, ate way too much ice cream one night, and didn’t make it to the gym on Thursday.  Last night though, my boyfriend showed up with a super cute bouquet of flowers.  He went to a lot of trouble to get me these and I just appreciate him very much.  Seeing him last night was just what I needed, oh and a late night showing of Mulan!

So cute! Thank you babe!

This morning I planned on getting up to go to the 8AM spin class, but I’m really glad I didn’t.  Although you guys know I love spin, I really needed the sleep.  I woke up at 7:30AM, which btw seems to be body’s set internal clock.  Although I will make up at 5:30AM without an alarm clock most mornings out of habit, I feel best when I wake up without an alarm clock at 7:30AM.  Anywho, I went back to sleep and woke up a little after 9AM.

Now I’m pretty new to having a newspaper arrive at my door on weekends but I didn’t realize that I had to snag my paper as soon as it arrives or SOMEONE WILL STEAL YOUR COUPONS!  This is the second week in a row in which someone has stolen my coupons.  Now last weekend I understand since I was in Texas and didn’t get back until Monday… but today, it was 9AM people!  I was pretty heated.  What is wrong with people?  I mean, I understand that it’s just sitting there, BUT IT’S NOT YOURS.  Ok, I’m done venting, I just really hope people stop stealing my coupons.

After a bowl of cereal and a few Saturday morning cartoons I started to create my To Do List.

The To Do List

It looked like a pretty manageable to do list, though I knew a few of the items would move onto Sunday’s to do list.  First thing first, ICA (grad class) Quiz…. CHECK!  Organize Homework… Check!  Then I got sidetracked, naturally.  Thursday when I got my Invisalign I purchased a new electric toothbrush.  With an awesome rebate, hence the reason I got sidetracked, I purchased the Oral-B SmartSeries 5000.

The awesome Oral-B package sold at my Dentist's office

The set up was easy and it comes with some really awesome features.

All set up and ready to go!

It has various modes like professional brush, sensitive brush, massage mode, and a few others.  It also comes with a timer, which you can set up either on a 2 minute countdown or on thirty second intervals.

I hung the timer on my bathroom wall

I am going to LOVE brushing my teeth… especially since I now brush my teeth 4-6 times a day due to my Invisalign.  After setting up my new toothbrush I decided to start cleaning out my hallway closets.  They weren’t in too bad of shape, which made them easy to clean, but I just knew they needed a good cleaning/organizing.  I spent a good hour on all three closets but they now look awesome!! The key is keeping them this way.

One of the three closets: this holds all my toiletries

By this time I had totally used up my cereal energy and was ready for a late lunch.  Last night I made some awesome BBQ Chicken and decided to have a BBQ chicken sandwich with a side of watermelon.

BBQ chicken sandwich with a side of watermelon

It was quite an awesome lunch and should tie me over for the rest of the afternoon.

Clearly I haven't showered yet today!

Overall, it has been an awesome Saturday so far!  Sleeping in, creating a to do list, organizing closets, having a nice lunch, and blogging… just doesn’t get much better.  Tonight I’m babysitting and can’t wait!  I adore these kiddos and really look up to their parents.  My BF will also be joining me, which is always fun.  The kids love him and he and the Dad always get into debates over Iowa and Penn State. Go IOWA!

Well, it’s been a perfect Saturday and am looking forward to tomorrow…

  1. Running with my BF
  2. Stopping by the 4 mile run farmers market
  3. Laying out at the pool and doing some a lot of reading
  4. Writing some message board posts for grad school
  5. Going to Church
  6. Making BBQ Pizza and watching Next Food Network Star with my Boo.

Have you ever dealt with a coupon thief?  What is your ideal Saturday?


2 Responses

  1. I never had a coupon thief because I don’t get the paper, but at work we have food thieves! Somehow unless you stash or label a lot things go missing. Even out of my own desk! I don’t understand why someone would take something they knew they didn’t buy…
    My ideal, relaxed Saturday is probably a mix of visiting a vineyard or interesting restaurant, spending downtime with the bf, and getting outside for a walk, hike or bike at the very least. When I’m energetic or need retail therapy though, who knows what’s in store!

  2. Food thieves at work at the worst!! That actually came up today at work funny enough. I don’t know what makes people think “hey! I know this food isn’t mind, but I’m really hungry so it’s justifiable”. Too funny.

    What an awesome ideal Saturday! I’m with you on the retail therapy!

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