Friday? Wooohooo!

So yesterday was a pretty rockin’ day.  The work day went by pretty quickly, which was awesome!!  I’m not sure if it was the excitement of getting Invisalign or if it was the workload, either way, the day went by pretty fast.  I had planned to workout after work but I was pretty pooped and although I battled it out in my head, going home won out in the end.  So off I went to catch the metro.

Doors wouldn't open...

The only problem was, the metro doors wouldn’t open.  I stood there for about 15 minutes until they were finally able to open them.  Due to the delay, the train got pretty crowded with each stop.  For whatever reason, the DC Metro tends to struggle through the summer months.  “Hot cars” with no AC, sick passengers, and plenty of tourists.  Either way, I made it home!

Now as I shared yesterday, having Invisalign keeps you from snacking so I was ready for dinner when I got home at 6:30PM.  I have really been thinking about my eating habits this past week as I’ve really started to pay attention to what other bloggers are eating.  If you look at PB Fingers or Carrots and Cake you’ll see that usually half of their meals are made up of either fruits or veggies.  It got me thinking about my portion sizes and how I “design a meal”.  Lets take last night for example…

I knew I wanted to have some TJ’s refried beans on a tortilla with a laughing cow queso wedge.  It’s in my nature to grab a plate and to just fill it with whatever I’m planning to eat.  In this case, I probably would have had two tacos as that is what “fills” the plate.  Instead, I thought of my fellow bloggers and filled half of my plate with broccoli and then made one taco as it fit on the other half of my plate.  It was a totally satisfying dinner and I feel like I just took a huge step towards my weight loss goal and having a healthy life.

A little after after 8PM, my BF came over to say hi.  We chatted for a bit and then I made him dinner.  Not just any dinner but BREAKFAST for dinner.  I made him an egg sandwich with turkey bacon and 2% cheese on an English muffin.  A beautiful side of raspberries rounded out his dinner.

Yumm Yumm

He really enjoyed it too… which is always a plus but really, who can go wrong with breakfast for dinner?

So happy!

We then settled in and watched the Mavericks vs. Heat game.  I made it into the second period, I think, before falling asleep.  **You know you’re getting old when you just can’t stay awake through late night movies or sporting events.

Two thumbs up!

Today looks to be a pretty nice day, especially because it’s FRIDAY!  Secretly I’m hoping for some awesome thunderstorms tonight because it’s just too hot!  Well, now it’s lunch time woop woop!

English muffin with veggie sausage and cheese, banana, rasperries and water!

What are you planning to do after work today?  Do you have any tips for portion sizes?


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