Frozen Yogurt Paradise

It is HOT outside!  Sooooo HOT!

So what better way to cool down than with a big bowl of FroZenYo?

After an awesome post work workout, my BF and I met up downtown for a spontaneous date night!   Ok, well first I ran into payless and bought 4 pairs of shoes for $68, but they are all just too cute.  I also bought a super cute dress at H&M for $12.99 and plan on wearing it tomorrow!

New Sandals!



Tan Canvas

Once downtown, we grabbed some pizza at Ella’s Wood Fired Pizza.  My BF ordered the Quattro Formaggi and I ordered the Margherita Pizza.  My BF’s pizza was awesome, but I really enjoyed mine as well.

Getting ready for our pizza.

After our yummy dinner we walked over to the magical world of FroZenYo…..  When you walk in, there is a wall of frozen yogurt machines to your left and then a wall of toppings in the back of the store.  Tonight the flavors included chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, cookies and cream, banana cream, peanut butter, pink lemonade, mango, cheesecake, birthday cake, mint chocolate chip, and a few others (I think).

The picture I wasn't allowed to take (they stopped me and said "no pictures" lol)

My BF’s bowl included banana cream, cheesecake, and pink lemonade frozen yogurt.  He then topped it with strawberries and whipped cream.  My bowl was made up of peanut butter, birthday cake and a little scoop of crushed Oreos and Reeses.   I was in LOVE!  We both adored this place and I will definitely be adding it to my restaurant page!

BF's on left, mine on the right ... YUM YUM

We had a wonderful night tonight!  Now I’m back home and am minutes away from snuggling up to a textbook….

Me and my BF at FroZenYo!

Do you have a favorite ice cream or frozen yogurt place?  What flavors do you try?  What would your perfect bowl be? 


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