What to Wear, What to Wear?

Today has already been bonkers!

This is what I turn into when I go bonkers!

I am proud to say though that I fought the urge to sleep in this morning and got up at 5:30AM to head to spin.  It was a fantastic class today and the playlist was rocking.  My instructor tends to go a little more 80’s, but today was full of hip hop music! Just what the Doctor ordered.  I also burned 885 calories, which was awesome!!

Now I will say, one of the downsides to working out in the morning is that I have to pick out my outfits the night before.  I don’t know about you, but I’m the kind of person that I have to be “feeling” my clothes before I’ll head out the door.  Some days I’ll try on 3 things before finding an outfit I want to wear.  Last night I just knew today was going to be “off” so I made the wise decision to threw 2 outfits into my bag.  It was a good call because one of the outfits was horrible, lol.  What was I thinking??

My red dress

Thankfully, a grande coffee (which I’m still nursing) and a turkey bacon sandwich from Starbucks brightened my morning even further…. until I got to work.

Why are some days just sooooo crazy?  From the moment I walked in the door, hadn’t even put my bag down yet, my boss was telling me about a situation we had to deal with right away.  Thankfully it’s 12:30PM now and I can enjoy a nice lunch and some down time before moving into the afternoon!

Nom, Nom!

Today for lunch I’m having roasted carrots with BBQ sauce, 1 slice of TJ’s garlic naan bread, and some yummy baby bell peppers. Hopefully it fills me up…. I’m feeling HUNGRY today and I didn’t have any protein in the house today.  Must grocery shop soon!

What are you/did you have for lunch today?  Please tell me you have the same wardrobe malfunctions some mornings…

Update:  Check out this band… they rock!


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