Extreme Weight Loss

Tonight, ABC aired the show Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but based on the previews, here is what I expected to see…

1.  One contestant per episode

2.  Each contestant has a couple hundred pounds to lose

3.  Each contestant will be under the supervision of trainer, Chris Powell

4.  Each episode will show the contestant over 1 year (365 days)

5.  An extreme transformation

Trainer: Chris Powell


The show was pretty good I must say, but it wasn’t exactly what I had thought it would be.  It stayed true to the previews but I didn’t expect for the contestant to…

1.  Stay at home during the 365 days.  I figured she would fly to LA to be with the trainer for the year.

2.  Have surgery!!

3.  Not reach an end goal of 130-150 pounds

5/31 Extreme Makeover Contestant


It did motivate me though, as the contestant lost 161 pounds .  Although she had surgery towards the end of her year, she still lost over 100 pounds before hand.  She also looked amazing at 208 pounds, which is my next goal.  It was really nice to see a woman on TV reach her “goal weight” and it be over 200 pounds.  She was beautiful and had been through an amazing transformation… even if in the end she weighed more than 140 pounds.

What did you think of the show?  What did you take from it?


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