The Instructorless Class

Tonight is my first weigh-in after starting the Simply Filling plan!  I am really excited and hope to see a loss on the scale.  This week has gone well for me, though I can see some of the changes I’ll need to make over time.

  1. Prepare for “that time of the month” and the cravings I will have.  Last week, all I wanted was salt and this week all I want is sugar.  Neither are bad to have, but I know that I can make wise choices and satisfy the cravings with healthy choices.
  2. Protein, Protein, Protein.  With my workouts, it is so important to have a good intake of protein each day.  Last week I added hard boiled eggs to my mornings and this week I have tried to add various proteins to each of my meals. 
  3. It’s OK to say no to eating out!  Last night, I was SUPER hungry after running errands with my BF.  I had a snack around 4:30 pm, but by 8 pm I was really hungry.  I was hoping that my BF would say “lets go to Chili’s”, but he didn’t bite.  I of course got internally angry because I was hungry and I had to deal with the inward battle of ‘to eat out or not to eat out’.  I’m so glad we didn’t eat out and the lesson learned is ‘it’s OK to say no to eating out’!  
  4. I’m not perfect and never will be.  I’ve got to stop beating myself up!!  It’s so easy to get down on myself when I “slip-up”.  One day at a time… no, one moment at a time! 
  5. Give myself a day off from the gym!  Over the past few weeks I have worked out Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday… burning out by Thursday.  This week I decided to rest on Wednesday and I’m feeling great today!  I’m thinking of resting Wednesdays and either Saturday or Sunday.

So this morning I got up at 5:30 am and headed to the gym for spin.  When I arrived, the class was pretty full but there was no instructor.  By 7:15 am, we all assumed that she was not going to show up so I figured “well, it’s off to the elliptical for me”.  Before I even had a chance to get off of my bike, one of the ladies in the class got up and said “no worries, I have a spin class on my I-pod”.  She plugged her I-pod in, pushed play and a voice came over the speakers instructing us to begin our warm-up.  I had never heard of these pre-recorded workouts, but it was a fantastic way to get a good workout in without an instructor.  The first thing I thought of was “THIS IS GREAT!  When I get a home I am going to buy a stationary bike, upload these recordings, and save myself $90 a month in gym memberships”.  Today I burned 646 calories, woop woop!

Well it’s off to work for me… stay tuned as I have another post coming this afternoon!


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  1. […] working out in the morning on weekdays-  check, check… I did have to work on my planned “off days”   and feel good about taking Wednesdays off […]

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