Opposite Day!

Now that the Bachelorette is on, I can officially say that it is summer!  I love the Bachelorette, even more than I love the Bachelor.  I just love seeing the crazy dates they go on and the lengths these guys will go to to win this woman’s heart.  Though it may be a little more lust than love, it is one of my “must watch” for the summer months.

Today was a really good day.  It seemed to be a opposite day, as I pretty much went against everything I planned… but it ended up being better than expected.


What I Actually Did

Workout in the morning

Worked out after work

Drink coffee at home

Had a delicious skinny caramel macchiato

Work on incoming freshmen projects at work

Worked on current student projects at work

Head home right after work

Tried a new class at a new gym branch

Watch the Bachelorette

OK— well I followed that plan, woop woop

Though I had planned to go to the gym before work, it worked out in the long run because I tried out a new class tonight called “Balls and Bars”.  I’m going to be perfectly honest right now…. at first, I thought I was in a senior citizen sit and stretch class, but man was I wrong.  It was fantastic!  The class was very diverse; men, women, older gym goers, youngsters, and even a super cute pregnant woman.  I set up my space, collecting a mat, stability ball, bar (15 pounds), 2 10 pound dumbbells, and 1 exercise band.  The class was 50 minutes long (burned 698 calories) and consisted of cardio, strength training, and LOTS of exercises with the stability ball.  Within 10 minutes, my abs were feeling it.  I really enjoyed the class and actually loved the gym.  I had never been to the Bethesda branch and am really thinking about trekking up that way every Monday.

After my commute home, I ran to target (only spending $15.00 woop woop) and then raced home to eat some YUMMY Chipotle Sloppy Joes.  I made these last night, giving half of the recipe to the BF and keeping the other half for myself.  The recipe was so easy to follow and it is incredibly tasty!  Instead of serving the meat mixture on a bun, I served it over a bed of lettuce.  I added a dollop of daisy and was happy as a clam!  I’m also in love with Nutmeg Notebook... check it out!

After dinner I whipped up a batch of TJ’s fat free brownies, baking individual servings in muffin tins.  Nothing better than a fat free brownie at this time of the month 😉

All in all, it was a fantastic day… and hopefully the beginning to a wonderful week.


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  1. […] on sprints today and I got a really good workout. My legs are hating me right now, since I took Balls and Bars last night.  I burned 636 calories in 50 minutes… not too shabby!! Woop […]

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