Weekly Plan: May 16 – May 22

I really want to use this week to restructure a few things.  My weight loss has halted these past few weeks and I am hoping to make some changes to my food intake, workout routine, and my weight watcher meeting date in hopes of seeing some growth and weight loss.

Week’s Events

Monday:  Meeting with a trainer at the gym (came free with gym membership)

Tuesday:  Relax — Clean out hall closets

Wednesday: Hanging out with Wizard and finalizing plans for our Memorial Day Weekend trip to Deep Creek Lake

Thursday: Switching to Thursday night Weight Watchers meeting

Friday:  Work lunch at 2 Amy’s.  After work I plan to relax — Make Sloppy Joes

Saturday: Massages with BF and then Dinner at The Russia House (need to use a groupon)

Sunday: Dinner with Co-Workers

Workout Plan

Monday: Workout before work @ gym

Tuesday: Spin class @ 7AM

Wednesday: Workout before work @ gym and workout with Wizard after work

Thursday: Off

Friday: Workout before work @ gym

Saturday:  Spin class @ 8:30AM or 10AM

Sunday: Run with BF

Meal Ideas

I am trying to change a few things this week in preparation for switching to the “simply filling technique” on weight watchers.  Over the past 3 weeks, I have had a bowl of cereal before I leave for the gym but I am going to try to switch to oatmeal or fruit and then eating eggs after I workout.  Beth gave me some great advice last week and encouraged me to add more protein to my diet.  It made me really think about what my Points are made up and how I want to use them more wisely. 

For lunch, I have leftovers from last night’s dinner, Buffalo Chicken Pasta.  That should get me through the week, but I also have lots of yummy lettuce and tomatoes if I want to bring a salad as well.  For dinners this week, I plan to have “loaded salads” with tomatoes, mushrooms, chicken, and roasted chickpeas.    Friday night, I am planning to make Chipotle Sloppy Joes for the BF and myself, which will make yummy leftovers for the weekend!

I really need to watch what I do on the weekends and hope that switching to the Thursday night meetings will help this!

Weight Watchers

-Track Points everyday

-Switch to Thursday night meeting

-Ask about Simply Filling Technique on Thursday


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