What a bad week!

Well, I gained 2.2lbs this week!  What a bad week… and weird week at that.  The WW leader asked me if I expected the weight gain and I said “no” but now that I look back, I’m not surprised to have gained weight.

Saturday — I ate out twice.

Sunday — went for a run with BF but wasn’t in the mood to run at all.  Ate out twice.

Monday — worked out in the morning, which was great and I did really well eating wise.

Tuesday — went to spin in the morning, but started feeling sick in the afternoon.  Ate out twice.

Wednesday — stayed home sick, didn’t workout, ate out twice.

Thursday — doctors appointments, didn’t workout, ate out once but had a big dinner at home for Cinco de Mayo.

Friday — IN A HORRIBLE MOOD!!  Didn’t workout, but I felt like I ate well… though it was too late to make up for my eating over the course of the week.

No wonder I gained weight!  Well, all I can do now is learn from this week and move forward.  Next week I need to plan my meals out, workout each day, and take care of myself mentally and physically.  I have one more paper to do for grad school and then I have a month off… which I’m really looking forward to!  I need to stay focused and remain happy about my life.


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