Finding Motivation

When my alarm went off this morning at 5:30AM I thought to myself “why oh why is my alarm going off”?  For a brief second I thought “I’m just going to go back to bed, I don’t need to work out”.  Instead, I fought the urge to sleep and hopped out of bed.  I headed straight to the bathroom, washed my face, put in my contacts, and made myself a small bowl of cereal.  15 minutes later I was headed out the door and on my way to spin class.  The great thing about my metro ride to the gym is that it takes an hour….. which I realized today is my chance to SLEEP!!  I got my snooze in while I was on the train and was ready to go when I got to the gym.  The spin class this morning was AWESOME!  The instructor develops a theme each week and this week is was “forgotten 80’s songs”.  It was super cute!

Anywho, I really struggle sometimes to motivate myself.  I was proud of myself for getting out of bed this morning and I hope I remember how good I felt after the class the next time I consider sleeping in instead of going to the gym.

What helps you to get out of bed?  What helps to motivate you?


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