April Recap

April Goals:

1.  Plan meals and workouts on Sundays — Check!

2.  Workout 3 days during the work week and both Saturday and Sunday — I worked out 3 days during the work week, but I didn’t workout on Saturdays this month.  The BF and I did run on Sundays though, which was awesome!

3.  Finish the spring semester strong (grad school) — I’m almost done!  Paper due tomorrow and one due on the 9th… then I’m home free until June 6th.  

4. Continue working on Coffee Cake and Cardio! — This month has been fantastic.  I’m really enjoying this blog!

5.  Run once a week with the BF — We ran the first three Sundays of this month, took last weekend off to be with family, and are running this morning.  4 out 5 isn’t bad!  

 April Accomplishments:

-Joined Weight Watchers!

-Lost 6 pounds

-Started saving $ big time! 

-Worked out with Wizard 3 times this month

-Ran with BF 4 out of the 5 Sundays

-Had BF’s family and my sister in town for Easter

-Wrote 4 papers and took 1 Quiz for grad school

-Finished up Fall 2011 registration @ work

-Went to 2 Nats games!! 1 W, 1 L


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