Wedding Day

As I sit here, watching the royal wedding, I can not wait to be married.  The thought of walking down the aisle towards the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, just makes me so incredibly happy.  Katherine looks breathtaking today (in the type of wedding dress I adore btw) and must be overjoyed to finally marry William.  Last night I had a wonderful talk with my BF about some of our hopes and dreams, and I just love to support him.  He is a true rock in my life and I would do anything to support his dreams and to be a part of them. I get so excited when I think of where we will go and the things we will do.  I really not not wait to be married but first things first, I can not wait to get engaged, to plan a wedding, and to plan our next step.  Until then, I want to stay focused and accomplish the goals I have for this year; losing weight, getting in shape, finishing graduate school, and finding clarity spiritually. I am so excited for my future and more importantly, the future of my BF and our relationship!

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