AM vs. PM … What’s best?

I love having a gym membership!  Last year, I challenged myself to workout at home in order to save a little dough but by winter, I was itching to be back in the gym.  I first joined the gym at work, but as I work at a university, working out along side my students didn’t always lead to a good workout.  By December 2010, I started researching gyms in the area and decided to join a gym that had a branch next to my home and my job.  Since joining, I have workout 3-4 times during the week days and 1-2 times on weekends.  At 5PM on weekdays, I head strait to the gym from work.  During the winter it was great.  I was able to sleep a little later, work through the day, and then release any anxiety or stress I had gained during the day by going to the gym after work.

This week, my co-worker and I were talking about the benefits of working out before work or after work and it got me thinking… why don’t I work out in the morning.  A number of online articles talk about the benefits of working out in the morning verses the evening:  Learn to Love A.M Exercise , Morning Exercise for Weight Loss, and AM vs PM Workouts.

Tuesday night, I packed my bag with work clothes and set my alarm for 6AM.  I woke up, washed my face, brushed my teeth, put in my contacts, and changed into my gym clothes.  At 6:30 I left for the metro and arrived at the gym around 7:30.  I had a great workout on the elliptical and lifted weighted.  590 calories later, I cleaned up, grabbed some coffee, and headed off to work.  It was a wonderful morning and I felt great!

Washington, DC Sunrise

This morning, I took a spin class at 7AM and got an amazing workout in before work.  I am really loving working out in the morning!  I’ll be perfectly honest though… I’d love to sleep longer, but in all reality, I’m only missing 30 minutes to an hour worth of sleep.  Instead, I am jump starting my metabolism, gaining energy for the day, getting my workout done so that I can do things in the evening, and making myself a priority at the start of the day.  I’m really liking this change to my routine!!

When do you workout? 


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